Star Writers!

The Red Cap Barracuda

Lurking in the shadows at the depths of the ocean, where all seems calm, lies a hidden threat. Quite obviously, the Red Cap Barracuda.

The odd appearance of this beast is bizarre but you are able to spot it from a mile away. Running down the length of the barracuda’s back is a luminous scarlet red ‘cap’ which is used to attract fish. In addition, it snaps them up savagely with its blade-sharp jaws. This is why it is known as pisci’vorous (which means that it lives off other fish).

As well as that, it has translucent skin which shows the bone. Tough but brittle, the bones and skin are seemingly impenetrable. Despite all this, the Red Cap’s tail is the most noticeable feature. It is luminous blue with jet black streaks advancing across its body. The fish uses this to propel itself through the water, thrashing about, almost piranha-like.

By Isaac

Glassa fish

Glass has a stripy pattern on her scaly body. Uniquely, her flimsy tail looks like glass (you can see through it). Protruding from its round, odd shaped head is a prolonged, bony nose. Although she is surprisingly long, she can make herself diminish…

          Searching for her food, she gets ready to terrorize her prey by circling around it quickly, ready to pounce!

          Swimming to her home (located underneath some illuminous coral) she rushes to haul in her prey. The coral makes the place look attractive!

         Despite being impolite, sometimes she can be a splendid fish!

By Jessica

Sword Spike

This miniscule creature lives in dark holes under the sea. It has a big, sharp, blue/white coloured mouth. His body is a puffer fish. If there is a monster, that has trapped this creature in his mouth to devour him, he will just puff up and spike him. That’s why this creature is called Sword Spike!

          This monster catches his prey by surprise, attacking it from behind. Amazingly, he takes his prey back to where he is alone so he can digest it properly.

         His favourite foods are sea urchin and whale carcass. But he likes king crab even more because it is so crunchy and it has a lot of meat on it.

By Charlie