An Anglo-Saxon invasion

On Thursday the 7th May Markyate Village school was invaded by Anglo Saxons. The Year 4 class had dressed up and were taking part in a workshop to find out more about the Anglo Saxons. The day was run by Mark from Portals to the Past who had brought with him a great haul of weapons and artefacts from the time. The children recreated a scene from a great hall making sure they sat in the correct places from the Lord and his Lady down to the young warriors. They would have done all manner of things in these halls, sorted out crimes, feasted, celebrated different occasions and told many stories around a central fire.

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The children played an ancient fox and geese board game.

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They recreated the battle of Hastings against the Normans which signified the end of Anglo Saxon Britain.

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They also played the parts of modern day archeologists finding out about the past through bones, weapons and other artefacts found buried after hundreds of years.

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