Happy Puzzle Company


On Monday 14th September, the Happy Puzzle Company visited our school. Every class had a problem solving session. The children worked in teams of 4 to complete different challenges and activities. Great fun was had by all!

Maddie – My favourite challenge was the ‘Pirana’ puzzle because it was challenging but fun!

Owen – I most enjoyed the ‘Topple Tree’ challenge because it was intense and fun.

Ellie – My favourite challenge was the ‘Shape Sort’ activity. I found it challenging and exciting. When I had finished, it felt nice.

Josh – I liked the ‘Topple Tree’ challenge because we had to find a strategy. We worked out that you needed to start with the double branches at the bottom.

Vaughn – The ‘Stacking Blocks’ puzzle was the best because it was tricky but we worked as a team to figure it out.

Karris – My favourite challenge was ‘Wooden Shapes’. It was quite hard but we did it in the end!