Romans Ignite!

On Monday 16th May, Year 3 had our Ignite for our Romans topic.

We had great fun learning so much, from who the Romans were to who was the first Emperor in Rome to why the roads in Rome were curved!

Our day started with a discussion about travelling through time and what we know about the Romans so far. Dan, who was taking our Ignite day, had so much information to share and the children all listened very well.

IMG_0845[1]A timeline using rope!

We then went on to learn about what animals would have been around this area 2000 years ago – wild boars were a very dangerous (and big) animal!

IMG_0848[1]A ‘small’ boar’s head!

After this we learnt (and acted out!) all about how the Romans came to be and why they became a republic. We learnt all about Cleopatra, Caesar, Brutus, Octavian and Mark Antony to name but a few!

IMG_0851[1]Putting our acting skills to the test!



IMG_0874[1]Spices – a luxury only for rich Romans!

In the afternoon we played some Roman games – something we may repeat on a rainy day! We also looked at Roman artefacts which were fascinating.

IMG_0880[1]A roman shield

There was so much information given to us throughout the day, we are now going to make our own Roman Fact File to remember it all!

A great day had by all, well done Year 3 Romans!