Ruby Class – Shapes, Bird Feeders and Poppies

This Weeks Activities

Its been a busy week in Ruby class. The Nursery children have been learning about shapes and so were taken on a walk around the school to look for shapes in the environment.  They found lots of circles and rectangles and a few triangles.

For our Dell visit this week we made Bird Feeders. Mrs Lawes had a variety of fir cones which the children covered in lard, using their fingers. When they were covered the children rolled them in bird seed. Once we had all finished we hung them up on branches for the birds. The children had a chance to explore the dell and climb  and around the trees. We will continue to look at the wonderful Autumn collecting that the children have brought in over the next few days.

We were able to have a minutes silence in our classroom for remembrance day. The children used paper plates and template to make some poppies.