Ruby Class week 22nd January

What’s been happening in Ruby Class?

We have been learn about numbers this week. The children have been counting, ordering and matching number 1-10.

We have hid numerals in our recently added sand tray, so the children could dig them up and match them to a printed sheet.

Transport is still an on going theme, we have now completed making a taxi and a police truck to go with our fire engine for our wall display.

In our tuff spot we have diggers and the children can dress up in hard hats for our building site.

The big wooden blocks have been stacked to make a boat. Some of the children have enjoyed singing as they pretend to row.

Forest School

Our weekly visit to the dell was to make a picnic table for the many Elves and Fairies that live there!

The children used natural materials to make plates, food and magic juice.

It was very muddy but the children enjoyed squishing around. (Sorry for the extra washing)