This Week in Ruby Class

Gardening and Potions

Many thanks to our wonderful parents and grand parents who have been visiting Garden Centres over the past few weeks.

We have had an array of pot plants and seed which are growing well.

The children have enjoyed talking to the class about their experiences.

The plants have been placed in our role play where the children can plant seeds into pots and sell items to their friends.

Before the Easter break the children helped to sow rocket into pots.

Today we picked some of the leaves and the children tried this with their snack.

Many enjoyed the peppery taste and came back for more!

Fridays Dell Visit

This week before we ventured out we read ‘Room on a broom’

We took some cauldrons and pans with wooden spoons down to dell to make potions.

They used grass cuttings, daisies and dandelions, sticks and mud.

The children worked in groups to mix their potions.