We recognise that good attendance improves educational outcomes for all pupils by promoting and supporting their engagement with education. The strategies we identified to increase our school attendance are listed below:


  1. The active participation of parents/carers with the assistance of the INCO, Head teacher and class teacher in supporting children who are becoming disengaged from learning
  2. Markyate Village School and Nursery recognising the importance of motivating and engaging pupils who are becoming reluctant learners
  3. Markyate Village School and Nursery working in partnership with other schools and with locally-based support services, all of whom have a shared vision and commitment to increasing attendance
  4. The effective use of the Common Assessment Framework and Integrated Practice to support children
  5. Improved use of data for monitoring assessment and informing decisions


Over the last 3 years our attendance has increased and now stands at 96.2%.


This academic year we have focused on children who are late arriving into school. At the end of the Autumn Term 23 children were arriving at school late; 3 of these arrived late over 10 times. Having actively interacted with the families concerned the spring data informs us that 7 children arrived late and none more than 4 times in that term. We continue to focus on this area and work closely with the families concerned