Visiting Author – Jack Trelawney

Jack Trelawney- Author Visit

On Monday 19th June, Key Stage 2 had a visit from Jack Trelawney- a published author. Jack spoke to the children about how he gets his ideas for his stories. Explaining that he mostly writes about things he knows about. He also likes using pictures to get his ideas. He read a few chapters of his story ‘The Crystal Pool’ which the children enjoyed.

After the assembly, the children followed up his visit in different ways. Year 6 did some drama which focussed on the made up creatures he spoke about and Year 4 wrote stories which included a creature they had made up themselves. The visit certainly inspired the children to write and be creative with their ideas.


Nursery – Forest School leaf printing

Leaf Printing with hammers!

Today the Nursery went to the dell armed with hammers and pieces of white sheet.

We collected different types of leaves and then placed them between the materials and gentle hit them with a hammer. All the children were shown how to safely use a hammer. The effect was lovely and provoked lots of conversation about the different colours and shapes.

Early Years Water Day

Monday 19th June Water Day Ignite

On a really hot day Early Years had a wonderful time experiencing activities  with water.

We had lots of buckets, paintbrushes, paddling pools, things to squirt water and to spray bottles to create water art.

The children had a lovely learning experience and enjoyed the morning.

Here are some of the activities they enjoyed.

Year 4 Ignite – The Saxons


On Monday we had our Year4 Ignite – Can you guess what we are dressed up as?

A Saxon came in to teach us about life in Saxon times. We learnt lots about the weapons and armour. Did you know that it could take a year to make a sword?

Saxons were great story teller; he told us the amazing story of Beowulf.

The Saxons spoke in Old English. We had a lesson in Old English and were very good at translating Old English to Modern English- we got to level 3!

During the afternoon we learnt about Alfred the Great and the Battle of Hastings.

It was a fantastic day and we all learnt a lot.

The Mayor visits

The Mayor visits 8th May

On the 8th May we were honoured to have the Mayor visit the school. He spent time looking around our school and enjoyed talking to some of the staff and children.

Children from all year groups were chosen to have their picture taken with him and his wife.


Early Years Playground

Our New Playground

After many months of planning the early years playground has had a makeover. Thanks to FOMS and Lottery Funding for helping to fund this project. Many of the children have been watching the diggers and machinery and have used this learning in their role play. The children have at last been able to use the trail and new climbing frame. Hopefully when the weather improves we will be able to make the sandpit available too.



Nursery – Bug Hotels and Garden centre

Making Bug Hotels

On Friday 12th Nursery took a trip to the dell to collect sticks and leaves. We returned to class and the children worked in pairs to put them in plastic bottles to make bug hotels. Some of the hotels were hung in the Nursery garden, some out the front of school and the rest in the dell. We will be visiting them to see if any mini beasts have made them home.

Thanks to the parents that provided us with seeds and plants. A big thanks to our parent helpers who spent time potting up the tubs and baskets. The garden centre is looking lovely and the children are enjoying playing and learning there.


Green fingers

For our latest topic, Year 1/2 have been getting to grips with how our gardens grow…from plants and trees to minibeasts and weather. So far we have explained the life cycles of sunflowers and frogs as well as identifying and naming different parts of common plants. Here are some pictures of our latest outdoor fun…planting our own herbs, flowers and vegetables in our courtyard classroom and creating 3D pictures using natural materials.

Mini Beasts -Nursery

Exploring the dell and making mini beasts

As part of our topic Nursery and Reception have been visiting the dell to look for creatures in the trees and undergrowth. Today we collected natural materials to use with clay to make mini beasts. Here are a few of their amazing mini beasts.

Year 4 – Discovering angles

Today, we have been looking at different types of angles in our playground. We saw right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles. A right angle is when 2 straight lines meet at 90°. We used the corner of our books to check if an angle was a right angle or not. An acute is less than 90°. An obtuse angle is more than 90° but less 180°.

Can you spot the different angles in our pictures? We found lots!

Year 4