Animal Magic – Ruby, Opal, Topaz and Garnet

Visit from Animal Magic

On Tuesday we had a visit from the ‘Animal Magic’ people.

They came with many different creatures and the children learned about each animal and where it was from.

During the morning the children had the opportunity to look a little closer at the animals and touch them for themselves.

They brought a parrot, rabbits, owl, mice, dog, guinea pigs, bearded lizard, snakes, hedgehogs and four meerkats.

Here are some photos of our brilliant morning.


We finished the morning of with a picnic lunch on the field.




Ruby Class Sports Days

Field Sports

On Tuesday Early Years and KS1 had their field events.

The children were supported by the year six team captains.

The children had to bounce and catch a ball as many times as possible in 30secs, throw bean bags into hoops, dribbled a ball around cones with a hockey stick and shoot at the football goal.

Sports Day races

Today Ruby, Opal and Topaz competed in several races.

They ran sprint, hurdles, relay and ended with egg and spoon.

All the children did really well and looked very smart in their team colours.

Ruby class News – Gardening and remote control cars.

Using Remote Controls

This week some of the children have had the opportunity to use a remote control car.

There is quite a skill in driving them in different directions, this helped the children to learn to use positional language.


This half term our topic has been ‘How does you garden grow’

The children have been learning about how plants grow from seeds and bulbs.

They will have planted a sunflower seed and taken home a seedling to grow on.

Many of the children brought in plants for our role play area, now that we are moving on from this topic we have planted the plants in the quad garden to enhance the area.

Many thanks to the parents and grandparents who helped us make this topic exciting.

This Week in Ruby Class

Gardening and Potions

Many thanks to our wonderful parents and grand parents who have been visiting Garden Centres over the past few weeks.

We have had an array of pot plants and seed which are growing well.

The children have enjoyed talking to the class about their experiences.

The plants have been placed in our role play where the children can plant seeds into pots and sell items to their friends.

Before the Easter break the children helped to sow rocket into pots.

Today we picked some of the leaves and the children tried this with their snack.

Many enjoyed the peppery taste and came back for more!

Fridays Dell Visit

This week before we ventured out we read ‘Room on a broom’

We took some cauldrons and pans with wooden spoons down to dell to make potions.

They used grass cuttings, daisies and dandelions, sticks and mud.

The children worked in groups to mix their potions.

Dell visit for Ruby Class

Ruby Class Bark Rubbing

Today the children went out to the dell with wax crayons and tracing paper.

First we used our senses to feel the bark on the trees.

Then the children found stumps on the ground and trees to making rubbings.

Ruby Class – Elmer the Elephant

The Story of Elmer the Elephant

Ruby class have been reading Elmer stories this week.

We have had many activities using the colour schemes of Elmer the Elephant.

The children have been learning how we can mix different colours using just red, yellow and blue.

Here are some of the paintings they have done mixing their own colours.

Early Years Science Day 18th March

Science Experiments

On Monday Nursery and Reception got together for a science morning to explore different experiments.

Some were observation only, so the children tried to predict what might happen, others the children could be very much hands on and have a go themselves.

The children had a cup with soda water or lemonade which they placed a few raisins.

The children watched as the air in the carbonated drink caused the raisins to dance up and down in the liquid.

There were some gutter pipe with different liquids, the children poured them down to see how quickly they moved. They had Golden Syrup, Vegetable Oil and Orange paint.

We had a group making tunnels from natural materials and a tray with some gel they could explore.

Mrs Vaites made a sand volcano with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda, powder paint and white vinegar.

Probably the children’s favourite was the mints in a coke bottle!! I think this may have been Mrs Vaites’ favourite too.




Ruby Class Red Nose Day and Gardening

A Busy Day

Today our children joined in with Red Nose Day activities.

All the children dressed in red and many had purchased red noses to wear.

This morning we took part in the Dance-a-thon, practising their dance moves.

As part of our activities today we spent time outside planting sunflower seeds to sell at the plant sale later this spring. The children have enjoyed planting bulbs and many are now in full bloom in the quad for them to see. Today we planted some more pots and tubs with freesia and irises with the help of one of our mums.

The class will be looking after them in the coming weeks for with sunshine and water we hope they will grow quickly.

This week we have had World Maths Day and our children enjoyed many different counting activites and looking for shapes in our classroom.

World Book Day – Pyjamas and Books

World Book Day Activities

It would not be a World Book day without some fort of dressing up so this year we chose to come to school and read our books in our pyjamas. The children came in many varied outfits and looked splendid in assembly.

Local Author Suzan Moule

Local author Suzan Moule came to talk to and read with Early Years and KS1

We started the day with an assemble about the value of books and reading.

This was followed by small groups sharing the experience of’ Woody’s Park’ her children’s book based on the adventures of Woody the dog and his friends in the park.

Later in the morning Suzan talked to years 4,5 and 6 about ‘The Author’s writing journey’

Hopefully she will inspire some of our pupils to have a go at writing their own stories and who knows may become an author themselves one day.

Local Publisher Mr Richard Barker

Also during the day Mr Richard Barker, who works for a publishing firm came to talk about

‘The Life of a book’.

How does the original story go from a rough draft to a finished book?

Richard spent time with the KS2 classes explaining the process.

Many thanks to both our visitors for their support of our World Book day activities.

World Book Day – Ruby Class

World Book Day visitor

Ruby class looked brilliant in their pyjamas and onesies

We were able to share some of the childrens’ books with them during our class carpet time.

The children enjoyed listening to our local author Suzan Moule read her childrens book ‘Woody’s Park’.

As part our topic this week we have been reading ‘The Tiger came to tea’

The children made mask from different types of collage which we have displayed.


Our roleplay has been based around the book and the children have been acting out the story with props.