Nursery Activities

Nursery this Week 16th October

This week Nursery have been learning about Nursery Rhymes. The children have been singing and using rhymes in their activities. We have also looked at printing using leaves as part of our dell activities.

We put plasters on Humpty Dumpty, made playdough Incy Wincy Spiders, printed with wheels for Wheels on the bus and used stars for Twinkle Twinkle.


Early Years – Diwali Celebrations

Celebrating Diwali

Early Years were lucky to have Mrs Mahammad to teach them about the Hindu celebration of Diwali.

Many of the staff were dressed in a Sari. Mrs Mahammad explained how they were fitted and about the decoration. She bless the class with a candle and told the traditional tale of Rama and Sita.

Many thanks to Mrs Mahammad.

Early Years and KS1 Harvest Festival

Songs and Art work

Our annual Harvest assembly was well attended today. Nursery Ruby Class were able to show some of the activities we based around the story “The Little Red Hen”. We had wheat painting, growing cress and tasting different breads.

Opal and Topaz displayed some hedgehogs they had made from natural materials. Years 1 and 2 were looking at health foods and the foods that we bring to the harvest table. I particularly liked the Baked Beans!

They all sang some harvest songs about farmers work and different beans, backed with some well rehearsed actions. Of course the mandatory Dingle Dangle Scarecrow from Nursery.

Well done.

Early Years Ignite- All About Me

All About Me

This Friday Early Years came dressed in an outfit that had meaning to them. After assembly Ruby, Opal and Topaz classes got together to parade their costumes and outfits for each other.

All the classes had been learning a song to perform to the others and then we all had a go at yoga!

The children looked lovely in their numerous outfits, here are just a few.


Nursery Ruby Class- Story in the dell

The Journey

This week Nursery ventured to the dell to listen and role play the story “The Journey”.

Mrs Lawes read and helped the children use items from our story sack to listen to the story of the little boat who went on a long journey. Miss Smith sat in the boat with the children to make it move along with the character in the book.

Nursery- Ruby Class – Our first two weeks


Nursery have made a good start to the year. They have settled very quickly to the routines and have njoyed exploring their new classroom.

We have ventured into the Hall for PE and Assembly.

On Wednesday we took a trip to the dell and collected natural objects to look at in class.

Here are a few photos of the children playing and learning.


Early Years Sports Day

Sports day events

This week early years had their Sports Day activities.

At the beginning of the week we had a field events morning. Skills including hockey stick dribbling, bean bag throwing, catching and bouncing and football goals.

We finished off on Friday morning with the traditional races, Relay, Sprint, Hurdles and Egg and Spoon.

All the children did very well for their house teams. A big thank you to the Year 6 Team Captains and their helpers for supporting this event.

Forest School Mandala Patterns

Mandala Patterns

This week we have continued with our Forest School learning. We collected different natural materials t make Mandala patterns on the ground.

The children enjoyed finding leaves, sticks, stones and grass to use.

Nursery – Forest School leaf printing

Leaf Printing with hammers!

Today the Nursery went to the dell armed with hammers and pieces of white sheet.

We collected different types of leaves and then placed them between the materials and gentle hit them with a hammer. All the children were shown how to safely use a hammer. The effect was lovely and provoked lots of conversation about the different colours and shapes.

Early Years Water Day

Monday 19th June Water Day Ignite

On a really hot day Early Years had a wonderful time experiencing activities  with water.

We had lots of buckets, paintbrushes, paddling pools, things to squirt water and to spray bottles to create water art.

The children had a lovely learning experience and enjoyed the morning.

Here are some of the activities they enjoyed.