Ruby class Dell visits and Messy Play

Ruby class recent activities

Ruby class have enjoyed their first trips to the dell.

Last week we went on a bear hunt and read the story as we made our way around the dell.

Today we collected lots of leaves to make some tree pictures for the classroom wall.

On Wednesday we had a visit from Mrs Battershill with her messy mashup.

We all had lots of fun and got very messy!!!

Early Years Sports Day

Ruby, Opal and Topaz

Today saw the second part of our sports events.

This was the running track events which included a relay, hurdles, and an egg and spoon race.

The weather was just about right this morning and the children did a grand job of completing their races.

A big thank you to the Year 6 Amethyst Team Captains who supported some of our younger children.


Early Years and KS1 Sports Field Event

Teams take part in field event

This morning KS1 and Early Years had their field events on the field.

It was sunny and hot but the children competed with enthusiasm .

Year six team captains lead their teams to each event.

There was ball bounce, bean bag shoot, football goal and hockey stick dribble.



Ruby, Opal and Topaz – Theatre Trip

A Snail and  the Whale

On Friday 8th June all of the Early Years classes went on a trip to Radlett Theatre to see “A Snail on a Whale” This was based on the book that had been read in class as part of our Ignite.

The children were excited by their trip on a coach and we very excited to see the performance.

All the children were engaged and willing participant of the production. at one point we were treated to a spray of water!

Many thanks to Foms who enabled the children to have a treat while watching.

We managed to take a few candid photos from the trip.

Amethyst- Share their stories with Ruby class

Sharing Stories

After an exciting trip to the dell this morning, Year 6 returned to the nursery class to read their stories to the children.

It was a pleasure to watch them share their own work and the story books with the younger children.

Well done to you all.

Ruby Class – Bear Hunt in the Dell

We’re going on a Bear hunt!

This morning Ruby class went to the dell to experience retelling the story with a twist.

Mrs Lawes had prepared some tyres filled with grass, water, mud, cottonwool and sticks to represent the actions in the book.

As you can see they walked through the tyres bare footed with help from Amethyst class, who encouraged Ruby class to carry on.

Then came the alternative Bear Hunt. Miss Smith was the first to try! We had baked beans, shaving foam, porridge mixed with water, hay and finished with cold cooked spaghetti.

Some of Ruby class were keen, some had a go with help from Year 6.

Then we let the Year 6 try it for themselves.

Many thanks to Amethyst class for their encouragement and help with the younger children.






Ruby Class- Royal Wedding picnic

Our Royal Wedding Picnic

A busy morning making cakes, sandwiches, fruit and vegetables, for our picnic.

The children watched a video of the royal engagement and saw the castle where the wedding will take place.

They helped decorate cupcakes with Harry and Megan designs and were busy helping make jam sandwiches.

We had carrots, cucumber and grapes to cut.

As a special treat we had jelly and icecream.

They also had cake design and bunting to make.

They all looked brilliant in their red, white and blue.

Ruby Class- Story time in the Dell

Stories in the dell

This Fridays weekly trip to the dell gave the children an opportunity to make up their own stories.

They were first told a story by Mrs Lawes, using props from her special box, then the children were sent to find props in the dell to use in their own stories.

The children worked in small groups and came up with some fascinating ideas.

Easter Egg Hunt – Early Years

Easter Egg Hunt

It seems a little while since the Easter Egg Hunt, but I thought it worthy of a post.

The children had a lovely time hunting for clues, some with their parents and some were helped by children in Year 6. It was a pleasure to see how our current Year 6 have matured and were very supportive of their younger peers.

Ruby Class – Senses Topic – Activities

Super Senses

Ruby class and all of Early Years kicked off our new topic with a look at the Incredibles and their super power senses.

This week we have focused on sight.

We have had blindfold painting, observing bicarbonate and vinegar volcanoes, colour changing filters, rain from a shaving foam cloud and rainbow mixing skittles.

The children have enjoyed observing and participating in these experiments.