Ruby Class- Forest School

Forest School 9-2-18

Today we all wrapped up warm to visit the dell for a special forest school treat. Mrs Lawes and Mr Taylor had set up the stumps around a fire pit. The children watched as the fire burned and crackled.

They each were able to make a mini pizza from a muffin which was cooked by Mr Taylor in his oven.

Pizzas eaten we moved onto toasting marshmallows and then sandwiched them between biscuits to make a yummy treat.

Despite it being cold I think everyone enjoyed the experience including the adults.

Ruby Class week 22nd January

What’s been happening in Ruby Class?

We have been learn about numbers this week. The children have been counting, ordering and matching number 1-10.

We have hid numerals in our recently added sand tray, so the children could dig them up and match them to a printed sheet.

Transport is still an on going theme, we have now completed making a taxi and a police truck to go with our fire engine for our wall display.

In our tuff spot we have diggers and the children can dress up in hard hats for our building site.

The big wooden blocks have been stacked to make a boat. Some of the children have enjoyed singing as they pretend to row.

Forest School

Our weekly visit to the dell was to make a picnic table for the many Elves and Fairies that live there!

The children used natural materials to make plates, food and magic juice.

It was very muddy but the children enjoyed squishing around. (Sorry for the extra washing)








Ruby Class- Forest school in the dell

Paints and Pinecones

This week Ruby class had a cold but exciting session in the dell.

We had paper and paint in squeezy bottles. The children collected some sticks and then used the bottles of paint to cover large pieces of card. We also had pine cones that were rolled in paint onto paper to make patterns.

As well as our planned activity some of the children discovered that the frost was a great place to mark make. They found sticks and used them to make patterns and write letters in the frost.


Early Years Ruby, Opal and Topaz – Visit from Community Police Officer

Police Truck

No the children weren’t in trouble! Our friendly Community Police Officer very kindly brought his police truck for the children to see as part of our transport topic.

They were all very interested  in his job and what he used his truck for. He put on the siren and lights for us to see and talked about the equipment he had on his high visibility jacket.

Ruby, Opal and Topaz – Forest School 12th January

Mud Pies and Pizzas!

The children have had an exciting time at Forest School in our Dell today.

Mrs Lawes organised a mud pie session. The children collected natural materials to make into pies and pizzas. They got their hands really dirty and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Here are some of Opal and Topaz



Ruby Class – Transport – Taxi visit

A visit from a Black Cab

A busy week in Nursery, the children enjoyed their trip to the Fire Station last Friday and have painted  an engine for our wall display.

They have since added lights and hoses using cardboard tubes and paper strips.

On Thursday we had a visit from a Black Cab. The children were able to ride up and down the car park and ask the driver about his job. Opal and Topaz also had rides in the cab.

Ruby, Opal and Topaz Ignite

Early Years Transport Topic

This half term our topic is transport. We started our term off with a visit to the Fire Station to meet the Fire Fighters.

The children were able to see the engine and all of its equipment which was explained to them by the village female Fire Fighters.

They tried on the Fire Fighters helmet and listened to advice on fire safety.

We are all looking forward to learning about other vehicles in the next few weeks.


Ruby – Christmas Jumpers, Cards and Glitter

Ruby Class Christmas Jumpers

Its been a short but busy week in Nursery. There has been lots of sticking, cutting and glitter.

The children looked lovely in their Christmas jumpers.

Many of them have been busy delivering cards to each other.

We had a visit from the Reverend Tom on Thursday with KS1 when he told the children about the Christmas story.


Ruby Class – Three Kings

Three Kings in Dugs Mugs

The nursery have worked hard on our three kings. Miss Smith managed to put them up in the window today and found some friends there to help her.

A King is Born Ruby,Topaz and Opal Classes

A King is born

All early years have been working hard in preparation for the Early Year Christmas Performance.

The finished performance was charming. Many thanks to all those involved in making this happen.

There were so many wonderful photos its was hard to choose, but hopefully these will capture the event.