Ruby, Opal and Topaz – Theatre Trip

A Snail and  the Whale

On Friday 8th June all of the Early Years classes went on a trip to Radlett Theatre to see “A Snail on a Whale” This was based on the book that had been read in class as part of our Ignite.

The children were excited by their trip on a coach and we very excited to see the performance.

All the children were engaged and willing participant of the production. at one point we were treated to a spray of water!

Many thanks to Foms who enabled the children to have a treat while watching.

We managed to take a few candid photos from the trip.

Opal and Topaz – Down in the woods

Down in the woods topic

Opal and topaz have been learning about things in the woods.

We have been lucky to have some live butterflies pupate, and emerge into painted lady butterflies.

We have searched for mini beasts and made lists of our findings.

The children have made some ladybirds and butterflies for our display.

Easter Egg Hunt – Early Years

Easter Egg Hunt

It seems a little while since the Easter Egg Hunt, but I thought it worthy of a post.

The children had a lovely time hunting for clues, some with their parents and some were helped by children in Year 6. It was a pleasure to see how our current Year 6 have matured and were very supportive of their younger peers.

Book Share – Opal & Topaz

Book share with Reception.

Today Opal and Topaz had a book share with some of the parents.

They read and shared books together and then the children were given books to keep from the Book Trust.

Forest School – Opal Class

Forest School

Today Opal visited the dell for their Forest school learning.

We collected natural materials that we found in amongst the trees, sticks, leaves and acorn shells.

The children had some clay which they formed into faces. Once they had finished adding the features they were attached to the trunk of a tree.

I think the results are amazing. Well done Opal Class.

Early Years Ruby, Opal and Topaz – Visit from Community Police Officer

Police Truck

No the children weren’t in trouble! Our friendly Community Police Officer very kindly brought his police truck for the children to see as part of our transport topic.

They were all very interested  in his job and what he used his truck for. He put on the siren and lights for us to see and talked about the equipment he had on his high visibility jacket.

Ruby Class – Transport – Taxi visit

A visit from a Black Cab

A busy week in Nursery, the children enjoyed their trip to the Fire Station last Friday and have painted  an engine for our wall display.

They have since added lights and hoses using cardboard tubes and paper strips.

On Thursday we had a visit from a Black Cab. The children were able to ride up and down the car park and ask the driver about his job. Opal and Topaz also had rides in the cab.

Ruby, Opal and Topaz Ignite

Early Years Transport Topic

This half term our topic is transport. We started our term off with a visit to the Fire Station to meet the Fire Fighters.

The children were able to see the engine and all of its equipment which was explained to them by the village female Fire Fighters.

They tried on the Fire Fighters helmet and listened to advice on fire safety.

We are all looking forward to learning about other vehicles in the next few weeks.


Christmas Lunch Opal and Topaz

Christmas Jumpers and Christmas Lunch

It was lovely to see the children in their Christmas jumpers today.

They all seemed to enjoy their lunch with crackers and hats.

Lots of the staff joined in and Mr Armoogum  was seen assisting in the kitchen.

Well done to all and especially the kitchen staff.

Christmas Trees – Opal & Topaz

ST Johns Christmas Tree Festival

Opal and Topaz took a walk down to St Johns Church today to look at the Christmas trees. There were many different designs. The children enjoyed looking at all the different decorations and themes.