Early Years and KS1 Sports Field Event

Teams take part in field event

This morning KS1 and Early Years had their field events on the field.

It was sunny and hot but the children competed with enthusiasm .

Year six team captains lead their teams to each event.

There was ball bounce, bean bag shoot, football goal and hockey stick dribble.



Garnet, Pearl and Amber class news

The Rainbow fish.

As part of our literacy lessons the classes have been looking at the story of the rainbow fish.

They have been retelling the story in their own words and discussing the characters and themes.

Here are the storyboards they used to write their own Rainbow fish story.

Early Years and KS1 Harvest Festival

Songs and Art work

Our annual Harvest assembly was well attended today. Nursery Ruby Class were able to show some of the activities we based around the story “The Little Red Hen”. We had wheat painting, growing cress and tasting different breads.

Opal and Topaz displayed some hedgehogs they had made from natural materials. Years 1 and 2 were looking at health foods and the foods that we bring to the harvest table. I particularly liked the Baked Beans!

They all sang some harvest songs about farmers work and different beans, backed with some well rehearsed actions. Of course the mandatory Dingle Dangle Scarecrow from Nursery.

Well done.

Green fingers

For our latest topic, Year 1/2 have been getting to grips with how our gardens grow…from plants and trees to minibeasts and weather. So far we have explained the life cycles of sunflowers and frogs as well as identifying and naming different parts of common plants. Here are some pictures of our latest outdoor fun…planting our own herbs, flowers and vegetables in our courtyard classroom and creating 3D pictures using natural materials.

World Book Day 2017

Year 1/2 had a fantastic time celebrating World Book Day and learning about each others favourite books and characters.

A huge thank you to all the parents for the super costumes!

Year 1/2 Diwali Day

Year 1 celebrated Diwali this week with the help and resources of Mrs Mahammad. We learnt the story of Rama and Sita, drew Rangoli patterns, practised Mendhi hand designs, tried traditional food, dressed up in beautiful saris and made diva lantern holders. A fantastic start to the half term!img_2144 img_2145 img_2152 img_2155 img_2181

Outdoor Learning Week

Year 2 had a great time during the Outdoor Learning week when the Aldenham and Dell Farm Outdoor Learning teams came to visit the school. Children were absorbed in activities such as Land Art and making Stick Man using the natural resources they searched for and found in the Dell.


We were very proud of our Stick Man creations!


What fun we had in the Dell searching for natural resources.


Look at our Land Art using the natural resources in the school grounds!

Year 1 and 2 Easter performance: Tattybogle

Year 1 and 2 are busy rehearsing and creating costumes for their Easter performance of ‘Tattybogle’ and it’s looking and sounding fantastic!

Just as a reminder, performances are on Tuesday 22nd March at 2.15pm (collection at usual time) and Wednesday 23rd March at 6pm (Children to be back in school by 5.30pm).

Your child has been given a letter telling them what clothes they need to bring in for their costume, please check bookbags if you have not had this!

We look forward to seeing you all for what will be a brilliant performance!


Ignite Year 2 Houses and Homes

The children have enjoyed a tour of Markyate Village ,comparing  the old and new houses and their different features and styles.

They also were deciding who might live in those types of houses .They also have been examining suitable and unsuitable materials with which to build a house.DSCF0399 They will be carrying out investigations on the strength of different materials and which of them would make the best insulators and which might be the strongest materials for construction.

To link in with this topic the children have been writing their own versions of the Three Little Pigs who turn out to be not such good little pigs after all.


Soon we will be learning about the Great Fire of London and the reason for the fire spreading so wildly and widely across Old London town.

Year 2 : Ignite: Impeyan – The Zoo That Comes To You

On Thursday afternoon, Year 2 had their Ignite for their new topic: Amazing Animals. It was the amazing Impeyan Company who visited us at school. A zoo came to us! Lots of interesting animals from all over the world were on show. The children could hold and examine them. This included an albino Burmese python, a South African meerkat and a South American crocodile! A fabulously informative time was had by all.

Look at some of our marvellous moments:







Is that actually a python around my neck?!

This creature smells  with its tongue by tasting the air.







A three-banded armadillo – This animal actually breaks up termite mounds in order to have lunch!







A chinchilla to cuddle.

Did you know that they have dust baths? They’re also a relative of the guinea pig.







A south African meerkat called Zulu.

They’re very social creatures who look after each other’s babies.