World Book Day – Pyjamas and Books

World Book Day Activities

It would not be a World Book day without some fort of dressing up so this year we chose to come to school and read our books in our pyjamas. The children came in many varied outfits and looked splendid in assembly.

Local Author Suzan Moule

Local author Suzan Moule came to talk to and read with Early Years and KS1

We started the day with an assemble about the value of books and reading.

This was followed by small groups sharing the experience of’ Woody’s Park’ her children’s book based on the adventures of Woody the dog and his friends in the park.

Later in the morning Suzan talked to years 4,5 and 6 about ‘The Author’s writing journey’

Hopefully she will inspire some of our pupils to have a go at writing their own stories and who knows may become an author themselves one day.

Local Publisher Mr Richard Barker

Also during the day Mr Richard Barker, who works for a publishing firm came to talk about

‘The Life of a book’.

How does the original story go from a rough draft to a finished book?

Richard spent time with the KS2 classes explaining the process.

Many thanks to both our visitors for their support of our World Book day activities.

Jade class -Science

Science – Circuits

Jade class have been learning about electricity. We have discussed mains supplies, looked at batteries and other forms of renewable energy like wind and solar.

As part of the lesson the children put together a simple circuit using batteries, a switch and a bulb.


Visiting Author – Jack Trelawney

Jack Trelawney- Author Visit

On Monday 19th June, Key Stage 2 had a visit from Jack Trelawney- a published author. Jack spoke to the children about how he gets his ideas for his stories. Explaining that he mostly writes about things he knows about. He also likes using pictures to get his ideas. He read a few chapters of his story ‘The Crystal Pool’ which the children enjoyed.

After the assembly, the children followed up his visit in different ways. Year 6 did some drama which focussed on the made up creatures he spoke about and Year 4 wrote stories which included a creature they had made up themselves. The visit certainly inspired the children to write and be creative with their ideas.


French information and new resource: Linguascope

Dear Parents

I’m pleased to announce that as a school we now have access to a wonderful language resource called Linguascope which I’m beginning to use in school.

If you would like your child to access this resource at home to consolidate their language learning please contact me for website and login details for the Linguascope website.

Year 3 topics

All about me, age, months of the year, birthdays, colours, pets, classroom instructions, numbers 1-20, school equipment

Year 4 topics

Autumn term- Where we live, describing houses, bedrooms, in town, at a café

Year 5 topics

Autumn term – Clothes and revision of colours, time, daily routine, household chores

Year 6 topics

Autumn term – Coastal features, research of French coastlines, activities at the coast, describe a coastal holiday in the past tense

Mrs Rhodes

Welcome to the new academic year

Year 3 have started the new term working well with their new routines. They have already shown great enthusiasm for their topic, Prehistoric Britain and are already demonstrating some of the skills required for their responsibility pin. Well done Year 3!

Our class ‘Meet the Teacher’ session is on Thursday 15th September and we hope to meet many of you there. If you cannot attend, we will send the written information home.

Prehistoric Britain Ignite

This week we had the use of Hertford Museum loans box containing many interesting artefacts of historical significance. The children explored items such as a Palaeolithic hand axe, a Bronze Age tanged and barbed arrow head and Mesolithic scrapers. Their historical enquiry involved:

What were the artefacts?

Who used them?

From what period? Palaeolithic, Mesolithic, Neolithic?img_13451

They had the opportunity to sketch these artefacts using hard and soft pencils to create shadow and shading.


Romans Ignite!

On Monday 16th May, Year 3 had our Ignite for our Romans topic.

We had great fun learning so much, from who the Romans were to who was the first Emperor in Rome to why the roads in Rome were curved!

Our day started with a discussion about travelling through time and what we know about the Romans so far. Dan, who was taking our Ignite day, had so much information to share and the children all listened very well.

IMG_0845[1]A timeline using rope!

We then went on to learn about what animals would have been around this area 2000 years ago – wild boars were a very dangerous (and big) animal!

IMG_0848[1]A ‘small’ boar’s head!

After this we learnt (and acted out!) all about how the Romans came to be and why they became a republic. We learnt all about Cleopatra, Caesar, Brutus, Octavian and Mark Antony to name but a few!

IMG_0851[1]Putting our acting skills to the test!



IMG_0874[1]Spices – a luxury only for rich Romans!

In the afternoon we played some Roman games – something we may repeat on a rainy day! We also looked at Roman artefacts which were fascinating.

IMG_0880[1]A roman shield

There was so much information given to us throughout the day, we are now going to make our own Roman Fact File to remember it all!

A great day had by all, well done Year 3 Romans!

Outdoor Learning Week!

Year 3 have done lots of exciting activities in our Outdoor Learning Week. We have had fun doing some orienteering, which many of us have not done before. We had to follow a route and then find points which were marked on a map of the grounds.

Also we made journey sticks. This is a stick which has various materials on it tied with coloured wool which is made to create a story. We imagined we had shrunk in the Dell and we had to think up stories using things such as leaves (for a bed), acorn shells (to collect rain water) and rocks (for our shelter).



While half of us were making journey sticks, the other half were using natural resources to make shelters.



Looking out for danger at Hazard Alley

On Monday the 30th of November Years 3 and 4 went to the Safety Centre in Milton Keynes to learn about potential dangers, how to avoid them and what to do in emergency situations.

We were taken around the centre and had the chance to explore 12 different scenarios. These ranged from everyday hazards at home to the dangers of railway lines and electricity substations.


We learnt just how dangerous railway lines are and why you should stay well back from the platform edge.

DSCF1340 DSCF1273 DSCF1343 DSCF1287 


How to shop sensibly and safely.


DSCF1289 DSCF1297


We looked at the importance of road safety. Being seen and seeing what is around you.

DSCF1296  DSCF1298  DSCF1304   DSCF1280DSCF1307 DSCF1308 DSCF1283 DSCF1284  DSCF1288DSCF1310


Building sites are full of hazards. If you are ever invited on to one, make sure you are wearing the correct protective clothing.

DSCF1312 DSCF1314 DSCF1315


Every child had the opportunity to make a 999 emergency call. We had to ask what service we needed and tell the person clearly what had happened and exactly where we were.

DSCF1320  DSCF1322DSCF1306  DSCF1305


Even with all these dangers out there, the most common place to have an accident is in your home. We looked at all the potentially hazardous things in our homes too.

DSCF1324  DSCF1358 DSCF1323


We learnt about the damage that fire can cause. How quickly it can spread and what to do in an emergency.

Get out. Call the fire brigade out. Stay out.

DSCF1294  DSCF1278DSCF1326


Make sure drivers have seen you before you step onto the crossing!

DSCF1344DSCF1332  DSCF1338


Would you go down this dark alley way?

DSCF1348 DSCF1350DSCF1277


We learnt how to put people in the recovery position to keep them comfortable and stop them from choking while help arrives.



Be smart. Be safe.



Eco Warriors Planting

A Christmas Tree was kindly donated to the school in the summer term, so last year’s Eco Warriors were drafted in to help plant it! It was decided the Dell was the perfect place.  The tree does have a little growing to do before we can get too many lights on it, but will make a lovely feature near Christmas with our Lantern Festival.

Thank you to Mr Seal for helping us dig the hole!