Maths using rods

We are looking at the relationship between multiplication and division and we have been using Cuisenaire rods to help us get hands on and understand better.

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Beware of the Bearded Dragons

Freddie bought his Bearded Dragons into school to show everybody. They were lovely and very interesting. Freddie fed them Locusts for breakfast!


Lego Challenge

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Year 3 were given a Lego challenge. We had to work together and cooperate to create the best Lego house We could. Miss Esom bought us some new Lego to use during our Golden Time. We worked very hard and even surprised Miss Sewell with the way we worked as a team.

An interview with Greek Hero Theseus

Children have been studying Greek myths and enjoyed investigating the story of Theseus and the Minotaur. To help them understand what it would have been like for Theseus on his quest to kill the Minotaur, children took on the role of Theseus and a news reporter for an interview on breakfast television.


Tudor Question Time

The question: Was Sir Francis Drake a pirate, a privateer or a great explorer?

Children stepped into the historical shoes of characters such as Queen Elizabeth I and King Phillip III of Spain to debate the big question. Some excellent arguments were put forward to the panel and the final vote declared that Sir Francis Drake was indeed a privateer.




Adventure Day

To launch our topic of ‘Adventures and Explorers’, the fabulous people at ‘Funky Monkey Tents’ sent along a wonderful tent to act as our base camp for the day. Children took part in orienteering around the grounds, building dens, map reading and learning about how to use a compass. We even had beans and sausages for our snack to keep us warm. We had a great day and want to thank Mark and Hannah at ‘Funky Monkey Tents’ for their support in making this day possible.

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