KS2 Harvest Assembly – 12th October

African Themed Harvest Assembly

Our Harvest Assembly theme has been looking at ‘Harvest in Africa’ and in particularly around the people and the famine.

The children have been writing poetry and creating art work around the theme.

Diamond class recited some of their poems and displayed art work with a sunset background.

Emerald and Sapphires work was based around animals. With artwork and poetry.

Amethyst continued with a similar theme of poetry and artwork.  Their was based around colourful clothing.

During the assembly the children sang some appropriate songs.

A pray was said by  Father Tom to close.

Many thanks to all of you who sent in gifts for our Harvest Assemblies.

Diamond – Topic work

Vikings and Anglo Saxons

The class have been learning about how the vikings lived.

They have discovered how they built their ships, the homes they lived in and some of their customs.

Mythical Creatures

The class has also looked at some of the Mythical legends and creatures. There has been some super art work from the children drawing their own mythical creatures.

Here are some of their fantastic designs.

Year 4 Emerald Topic work


Year 4 have been producing some lovely work this term around their topic on Eygptians.  You can see their models of the gods which take many different forms.

The above shows some of their written work around the gods.

This week they have been using pictorial mind maps to work through story writing.


Olympian workshop Year 4

Year 4 Workshop

On Monday 26th June, Year 4 had a workshop with the Olympian, Toby Garbett. The workshop was focussed on friendships and working as a team.

The children carried out some trust exercises on the field which they thoroughly enjoyed and finished the morning by creating their own ‘positive poses’ and affirmations to say to themselves when they need a boost!



Visiting Author – Jack Trelawney

Jack Trelawney- Author Visit

On Monday 19th June, Key Stage 2 had a visit from Jack Trelawney- a published author. Jack spoke to the children about how he gets his ideas for his stories. Explaining that he mostly writes about things he knows about. He also likes using pictures to get his ideas. He read a few chapters of his story ‘The Crystal Pool’ which the children enjoyed.

After the assembly, the children followed up his visit in different ways. Year 6 did some drama which focussed on the made up creatures he spoke about and Year 4 wrote stories which included a creature they had made up themselves. The visit certainly inspired the children to write and be creative with their ideas.


Year 4 Ignite – The Saxons


On Monday we had our Year4 Ignite – Can you guess what we are dressed up as?

A Saxon came in to teach us about life in Saxon times. We learnt lots about the weapons and armour. Did you know that it could take a year to make a sword?

Saxons were great story teller; he told us the amazing story of Beowulf.

The Saxons spoke in Old English. We had a lesson in Old English and were very good at translating Old English to Modern English- we got to level 3!

During the afternoon we learnt about Alfred the Great and the Battle of Hastings.

It was a fantastic day and we all learnt a lot.

Year 4 – Discovering angles

Today, we have been looking at different types of angles in our playground. We saw right angles, obtuse angles and acute angles. A right angle is when 2 straight lines meet at 90°. We used the corner of our books to check if an angle was a right angle or not. An acute is less than 90°. An obtuse angle is more than 90° but less 180°.

Can you spot the different angles in our pictures? We found lots!

Year 4



Year 4 – Egyptian Home Work

Look at all this amazing Egyptian homework! We can’t wait to see what creations this half term’s homework will bring.


Music Assembly – Ukulele and Recorders

Year 4 have been learning to play the Ukulele in music this term. They showed their talents during music assembly. Well done Year 4 you were fabulous!


Egyptian Ignite – Year 4

Year 4  Topic on  Egyptians

We had a fabulous day on Wednesday learning about Mummification. The children created their own Mummies and then wrote detailed explanations about the process. Can you tell who our Mummies are?