Egyptians at The British Museum

We visited the stunning British Museum and learned lots more about the process of mummification. We saw several mummies and many statues from the ancient Egyptian times.

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Extreme environments

We have been looking at extreme environments all over the world. Here are a selection of some fantastic ‘Home learning’ models.

DSCF0252          DSCF0253

DSCF0255             DSCF0256

DSCF0257             DSCF0258


The Scream

We studied the paintings by the Norweigan artist Edvard Munch.

In his paintings of ‘The Scream’ he talks about an infinite scream of nature. The sky turned as red as blood, maybe showing a volcanic erruption.

We have recreated some of our own versions of his famous work using oil pastels.

DSCF0246       DSCF0247                           DSCF0248

DSCF0249       DSCF0250

Tomb Raiders: The Ancient Egyptians

Year 4 are learning about the Ancient Egyptians this term.




In our classroom there is plenty of opportunity for children to independently research areas within the Ancient Egyptians that interest them as well as explore Egyptian artefacts in our excavation centre.


Year 4 News

It is hard to believe we are now half way through the year; Year four have already achieved so much. In recent weeks, more specifically, we have been working within the topic ‘To Infinity… and Beyond!’ During the term the class have explored the planets in science, written newspapers in literacy and helped to create a class Astronaut (Brian) and alien (Bob).

The children had a lovely surprise day recently when Peter Bassett from the Astronomy road show came to the school with a large inflatable planetarium. We all learnt so much about the planets and how to spot the different constellations.

Currently, we are incorporating more art and DT based subjects in to our topic. The children will be creating sculptures of the different planet surfaces within our solar system as well as designing and making rockets.