KS2 Harvest Assembly – 12th October

African Themed Harvest Assembly

Our Harvest Assembly theme has been looking at ‘Harvest in Africa’ and in particularly around the people and the famine.

The children have been writing poetry and creating art work around the theme.

Diamond class recited some of their poems and displayed art work with a sunset background.

Emerald and Sapphires work was based around animals. With artwork and poetry.

Amethyst continued with a similar theme of poetry and artwork.  Their was based around colourful clothing.

During the assembly the children sang some appropriate songs.

A pray was said by  Father Tom to close.

Many thanks to all of you who sent in gifts for our Harvest Assemblies.

Sapphire class news

The day the toys nearly quit!

Sapphire class have been looking at the story about “how the toys nearly quit”

In the text the toys write letters to their owners to say why they are going to quit being their toys.

The class have designed their own story books with pouches to put the letters.

Here are a few of their brilliant designs.


NSPCC fund raising – Amethyst and Sapphire

Activities to raise money for NSPCC

Amethyst and Sapphire joined the rest of the school today in sponsored event to raise money for the charity.

They had sponsored running, shooting basketball hoops and goal shooting.

Here are some photos of the children taking part.

Sapphire and Amethyst – Harry Potter

Learning about Harry Potter

Sapphire and Amethyst classes have been reading Harry Potter this term. They have all written their own version of the story changing some of the characters story lines.

This week they had the opportunity to read their stories to each other.

Sapphire – French Fashion Show

French Fashion Show 24th January

Year 5 had their long awaited French Fashion Show this morning. They did amazingly well, as it was quite daunting having to stand up in front of the rest of the class and speak French. Well done Year 5!


Under the Sea picnic

On Monday 17th July Year 5 ended their ‘under the sea’ topic with a picnic. A chef from the BBC helped us to prepare our food for lunch. We made fish and chips, rice salad, pasta salad, prawn cocktail, tuna salad, king prawn skewers and more! We also made and decorated cupcakes with a sea theme. We had a wonderful day and learned lots too.

Guitar talent

We were so impressed by the musical skills showcased at our guitar assembly this term. Herbie was brave enough to let us record him performing. Here is an extract of one of the songs he played. Amazing! Well done for all your hard work!


Peter Pan IGNITE Day

On Friday 16th June, Year 5 ‘ignited’ their learning for their English topic of Peter Pan. We had a wonderful day. The children particularly enjoyed making mini tee-pees for the Lost Boys.

Visiting Author – Jack Trelawney

Jack Trelawney- Author Visit

On Monday 19th June, Key Stage 2 had a visit from Jack Trelawney- a published author. Jack spoke to the children about how he gets his ideas for his stories. Explaining that he mostly writes about things he knows about. He also likes using pictures to get his ideas. He read a few chapters of his story ‘The Crystal Pool’ which the children enjoyed.

After the assembly, the children followed up his visit in different ways. Year 6 did some drama which focussed on the made up creatures he spoke about and Year 4 wrote stories which included a creature they had made up themselves. The visit certainly inspired the children to write and be creative with their ideas.


Aztec Day

On 16th January, Year 5 ‘ignited’ their Aztec topic.

We started the day by becoming Aztec warriors and lots of the children has their faces painted.



We also looked at the work of Picasso and how he used different techniques to create masks. The children created their own Aztec masks using pastels. Can you see the exaggerated features?


The highlight of our day was preparing dishes to eat. The class made salsa and guacamole. We then tasted these with tortillas and corn on the cob. Afterwards, we tasted chocolate with a high cocoa content and some that even included chilli! We finished the day with a lovely mug of hot chocolate!


We found out lots about our topic and wrote questions about things we would like to find out more about. The whole class are very excited about finding out more!