NSPCC Number Day

On Friday 5th February, we took part in Number Day. We did different maths activities throughout the day. Our favourite activity was creating our ‘penny pictures’.







Cooking with a Chef

On Friday 15th January, Mr Hill (a professional chef who works for the BBC) came to work with Year 5 for our IGNITE activity. We prepared and tasted lots of food that would have been common in Aztec times. Because we wanted to use corn, chilli and tortillas we made several dishes. The whole class made chicken tortilla wraps with salsa, guacamole and sour cream. Alongside, we feasted on nachos and corn on the cob. It was delicious and we really enjoyed all the activities!












Maths In Action

After Maths Week (which was fabulous) the children invited their parents into school for the afternoon. We shared the exciting maths we had been doing. This involved a lot of investigative maths with open-ended, problem solving tasks. The children really enjoyed learning in a different way.

On Thursday 12th November, many parents and families joined us to share our love of maths. We hope to repeat similar events very soon.



Gymnastics Maths

As it is Maths Week this week, we linked our gymnastics to maths too. The children worked in groups to create balances and sequences showing maths ideas. They were every creative!

Human bar chart

Human bar chart

Radius of a circle

Radius of a circle

Obtuse angle

Obtuse angle

Scalene triangle

Scalene triangle

Square root symbol

Square root symbol

Big Writing

Today, to inspire their Big Writing, the children created and drew their own superheroes. They were fantastic! Everyone really enjoyed writing about their character. The children produced some fabulous writing. Year 5 are also a class of talented artists!


Show Racism the Red Card

On Tuesday 29th September, Year 5 took part in some workshops led by visitors working on behalf of the Show Racism the Red Card campaign. The children watched videos, heard children’s ideas and discussed what they thought racism is. They looked at stereotypes and attitudes in society. The class worked as groups to compose poems, songs and raps – they did a great job! They also enjoyed their fitness session (working on teamwork skills).

Colour Week

We had a special week last week – Colour Week! It was amazing, very interesting and exciting. We did lots of investigations in science. For example, we added washing up liquid to milk and food colouring to see what would happen.


Also, we did a Skittles taste test to see if colour affected taste. It did! We created fish on filter paper using cotton buds and washing up liquid. As well as this, we created rainbows using glass prisms. We also put cabbage juice in different liquids to explore what colours would be created. It smelt awful!

We did lots more in Colour Week. Come and ask us about it or look at the PowerPoint presentation we created for our sharing assembly.

Sharing Assembly – Colour Week – Y5

By Year 5





Cross Curricular Learning

Year 5 have made some wonderful planets for their topic. They combined science, art, French and computing to create planet collages in groups. Everyone had to think carefully about what colours they chose. Together, they wrote descriptions in French. Don’t they look amazing?


Happy Puzzle Company


On Monday 14th September, the Happy Puzzle Company visited our school. Every class had a problem solving session. The children worked in teams of 4 to complete different challenges and activities. Great fun was had by all!

Maddie – My favourite challenge was the ‘Pirana’ puzzle because it was challenging but fun!

Owen – I most enjoyed the ‘Topple Tree’ challenge because it was intense and fun.

Ellie – My favourite challenge was the ‘Shape Sort’ activity. I found it challenging and exciting. When I had finished, it felt nice.

Josh – I liked the ‘Topple Tree’ challenge because we had to find a strategy. We worked out that you needed to start with the double branches at the bottom.

Vaughn – The ‘Stacking Blocks’ puzzle was the best because it was tricky but we worked as a team to figure it out.

Karris – My favourite challenge was ‘Wooden Shapes’. It was quite hard but we did it in the end!




Planetarium IGNITE

As a great way to start the new school year, we ‘ignited’ our space topic with a visit from the mobile planetarium today. Peter Bassett (from The Astronomy Roadshow) shared lots of interesting facts with us and showed us some wonderful sights. We have already learned a lot and are looking forward to finding our more. The children have even answered some of their starting questions!