Creative Maths

Year 5 have produced some wonderful maths through art. They have been very creative in lessons. In their last activity, they explored parabolic curves. The children had to follow a pattern and join selected dots to create their design.


Creative Curriculum

This week, Year 5 have had many of their maths lessons outside. They have had to find angles (acute and obtuse) in the natural environment and set maths trails using the outside area.







Today, they created free-standing newspaper towers. They were only allowed to use newspaper and cellotape. The highest tower reached 2.16m!




Zoo Visit

Year 5 were lucky enough to be able to join part of Year 2’s visit. This was an excellent way to begin our topic too. We really enjoyed meeting different animals. Mrs Karmock was impressed by what the children already knew!


Balloon Race

On the last day of term, we started our balloons on their journey for the great race. Our balloons were orange, to match our class perseverance pin. We can’t wait to see if any labels are returned and find out how far our balloons travelled.


Labyrinth Easter Challenge

On Tuesday 31st March, we visited Jeremy at the Baptist Church to take part in the Labyrinth challenge. It was based on the story of Narnia. The children loved moving around each base, guided by an i-pod suffle. They behaved impeccably and the work that they produced was very thoughtful.


Chinese New Year

To celebrate Chinese New Year, the Nama dance group visited Markyate School. We were able to watch the lion dance, try on the costumes and take part in a martial arts sessions as well. Bob taught us lots. We had a wonderful time!


Creative Home Learning

Year 5 have produced some amazing work as part of their Home Learning grid this half term – well done – you should be very proud!




The children have been busy designing, making, drawing, writing, researching and even baking! We have certainly enjoyed tasting the delights made. Keep up the good work Year 5!

Billy's cookies

Maddison's cakes

Olly's cookies

Theo's cake

Challenge Sports

On Wednedsay 12th March, Year 5 took part in a Tag Rugby Workshop. They had great fun and really improved their skills. Challenge Sports told Miss Esom what a polite and hard-working class Year 5 had been – well done children!

Maths Week

During the week commencing 3rd March, the whole school took part in Maths Week. We had a real-life maths day, outdoors maths day, vocabulary day, shape day and operations day. It was a fantastic opportunity for the children to use practical maths with a variety of different equipment. We had great fun!


The children had the opportunity to bake fairy cakes. They were set the challenge of doing this totally independently – reading the recipe, collecting equipment, weighing and measuring and more! The children did amazingly well and all cakes were a success – fabulous!


We also had great fun drawing coordinates on a large grid on the playground.


Finding acute and obtuse angles in the dell and school grounds was great fun too!


An excellent week was had by all! We will definitely enjoy working in the dell more and more for our lessons!