Ancient Greeks Workshop

Ancient Greek workshop IGNITE  – what a fantastic day! The children were fully engaged and involved in all of the activities. Thanks to the facilitator – Dan who knew everything about Ancient Greece. The children acted out various myths and legends with appropriate props and armour. They also got an opportunity to showcase their fiercesome Greek shields.IMG_0235 IMG_0259 IMG_0267 IMG_0276 IMG_0289 IMG_0305 IMG_0324

Norfolk Trip- Year 6 Residential Trip 2015

What a wonderful week we had at Aylmerton Field Study Centre in Norfolk!


Everyone enjoyed their stay and really participated throughout the week. We have a very full itinerary from beach walking on the Norfolk coast observing the erosion and sea defences to rock pooling ,boating on the Norfolk Broads and being pirates for the day.




The children learn to work as a team by improving their communication skills ,encouragement and determination to complete all of their tasks to their best ability. This years class really excelled in their participation in all of the activities.



They made scary and convincing pirates while they managed the low ropes and the bosuns chair. They also enjoyed their late night walk in the forest discovering the activities of the local bats using sonar and all of their map reading activities.


The children were busy from dawn to beyond dusk including swimming at the local pool with the wave machine and flume. Needless to say they were keen for their breakfast, lunch and dinner and the Aylmerton kitchen certainly doesn’t disappoint us as the food is plentiful and delicious.

They have come back to school raring to go and quite grown up . Well done Year 6


Legal Eagles

On Wednesday 26th June, Mr Crispin, a local magistrate visited year 5 and 6. We set up a ‘court’ and held a trial.


We took the parts of the defendant, lawyers, witnesses and magistrates. It was a very fun morning and we also learned lots about the law in England.