Tudor Question Time

The question: Was Sir Francis Drake a pirate, a privateer or a great explorer?

Children stepped into the historical shoes of characters such as Queen Elizabeth I and King Phillip III of Spain to debate the big question. Some excellent arguments were put forward to the panel and the final vote declared that Sir Francis Drake was indeed a privateer.




Adventure Day

To launch our topic of ‘Adventures and Explorers’, the fabulous people at ‘Funky Monkey Tents’ sent along a wonderful tent to act as our base camp for the day. Children took part in orienteering around the grounds, building dens, map reading and learning about how to use a compass. We even had beans and sausages for our snack to keep us warm. We had a great day and want to thank Mark and Hannah at ‘Funky Monkey Tents’ for their support in making this day possible.

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Quicksticks taster session

On Thursday 14th March, Miss Way (from Roundwood School) came in to work with Year 5. We had a go at Quicksticks which is a type of hockey. It was great fun and we enjoyed playing it very much. We might be going to a tournament in May so watch this space!

By Year 5


World Book Day

We celebrated World Book Day on Thursday 7th March by dressing up as our favourite characters from stories. Our characters included: James Bond, Frodo Baggins, Hetty Feather, Alice in Wonderland and Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. We also bought lots of fun books which people had donated. We are looking forward to reading them!

By Year 5


Creative Year 5!

Year 5 have all produced excellent robot projects which I am enjoying reading. Many of the children also made their own robots – they do very useful jobs! Please feel free to come to our classroom and look at their excellent work. Here is a taster!

Georgia's robot

Lily's robotLexie's robot

Year 4 News

It is hard to believe we are now half way through the year; Year four have already achieved so much. In recent weeks, more specifically, we have been working within the topic ‘To Infinity… and Beyond!’ During the term the class have explored the planets in science, written newspapers in literacy and helped to create a class Astronaut (Brian) and alien (Bob).

The children had a lovely surprise day recently when Peter Bassett from the Astronomy road show came to the school with a large inflatable planetarium. We all learnt so much about the planets and how to spot the different constellations.

Currently, we are incorporating more art and DT based subjects in to our topic. The children will be creating sculptures of the different planet surfaces within our solar system as well as designing and making rockets.

Reception News

It is hard to believe that the reception children are half way through their first full year at school. It has been an exciting time to see them settle to learn. Our most exciting day last term was our celebration of Chinese New Year. The children were amazed by the Chinese lion dancers and practised with our very own Chinese lion in the classroom accompanied by their own version of Chinese drum music! We were delighted to have Imelda Yuen from Hong Kong with us for that day. She was keen to share aspects of the Chinese culture with the children who asked some very interesting questions. The children learned how to count in Chinese and write numbers. They cooked noodles and learned to eat them with chopsticks. We have painted the most amazing dragon and snake which hang majestically from our ceiling. As our topic was about Places far away we explored other countries especially Africa and learned how people live there and what animals we would find in Africa. Children have enjoyed learning about using atlases and globes and were amazed by Google Earth.

We also spent a morning at the village coffee shop where we bought juice and biscuits. The children showed impeccable table manners and learned how to order and pay for food. Customers commented on the excellent behaviour and abilities of our children of whom we are very proud.

It has been a pleasure this term to start our Open Coffee Mornings, Stay and Play sessions and Parent Workshops as we seek to further develop our links with families and their involvement in their children’s learning.

Robotics Workshop

On Thursday 28th February, Year 5 took part in a robotics workshop. The children spent the day building and programming lego robots to complete various ‘missions on mars’. Throughout the day the children worked in small teams to prepare their missions ready to ‘show off’ what their robot could do on the ‘challenge mat’. Activities included rescuing stranded astronauts, clearing solar dust, launching a canister and helping a stranded rover buggy. Points were earned for successfully completed missions.


Year 5 had a wonderful day and were a credit to our school, showing good team work, problem solving skills and impeccable behaviour! Well done to ‘The Humanoids’ who were our winning team on the day.


Building Houses

Before half term the children designed and built houses based on the knowledge they had gained from their topic work on Houses and Homes. They used a variety of materials and even included such things as gardens and interior fabrics and furnishings.

In addition, they explored materials suitable for building different parts of houses and conducted experiments to test their properties. Fieldwork was carried out locally in the village, where children sketched houses both old and new, observing the features of both and deciding who might inhabit them based on the number of rooms and the size of the building.