Opal and Topaz – Down in the woods

Down in the woods topic

Opal and topaz have been learning about things in the woods.

We have been lucky to have some live butterflies pupate, and emerge into painted lady butterflies.

We have searched for mini beasts and made lists of our findings.

The children have made some ladybirds and butterflies for our display.

Garnet, Pearl and Amber class news

The Rainbow fish.

As part of our literacy lessons the classes have been looking at the story of the rainbow fish.

They have been retelling the story in their own words and discussing the characters and themes.

Here are the storyboards they used to write their own Rainbow fish story.

Jade class -Science

Science – Circuits

Jade class have been learning about electricity. We have discussed mains supplies, looked at batteries and other forms of renewable energy like wind and solar.

As part of the lesson the children put together a simple circuit using batteries, a switch and a bulb.


Diamond – Topic work

Vikings and Anglo Saxons

The class have been learning about how the vikings lived.

They have discovered how they built their ships, the homes they lived in and some of their customs.

Mythical Creatures

The class has also looked at some of the Mythical legends and creatures. There has been some super art work from the children drawing their own mythical creatures.

Here are some of their fantastic designs.

Sapphire class news

The day the toys nearly quit!

Sapphire class have been looking at the story about “how the toys nearly quit”

In the text the toys write letters to their owners to say why they are going to quit being their toys.

The class have designed their own story books with pouches to put the letters.

Here are a few of their brilliant designs.


Ruby Class- Story time in the Dell

Stories in the dell

This Fridays weekly trip to the dell gave the children an opportunity to make up their own stories.

They were first told a story by Mrs Lawes, using props from her special box, then the children were sent to find props in the dell to use in their own stories.

The children worked in small groups and came up with some fascinating ideas.

Ruby Class – Down in the Woods

Down in the woods topic

Ruby class has made a good start to our topic.

We have been looking at mini beasts and reading ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’

We have used paint to represent the caterpillar and have also made some in clay.

For our trip to the dell this Friday the children collected sticks and then with some help bound them into shapes.

The children worked in pairs helping each other to wind brightly coloured wool around their shape.

They all did really well.

Easter Egg Hunt – Early Years

Easter Egg Hunt

It seems a little while since the Easter Egg Hunt, but I thought it worthy of a post.

The children had a lovely time hunting for clues, some with their parents and some were helped by children in Year 6. It was a pleasure to see how our current Year 6 have matured and were very supportive of their younger peers.

School Closed Friday 2nd March

School will be closed tomorrow

Due to weather conditions the decision has be made to close the school tomorrow.

This is inline with other local schools.

Head Teacher