School Closed Friday 2nd March

School will be closed tomorrow

Due to weather conditions the decision has be made to close the school tomorrow.

This is inline with other local schools.

Head Teacher

School Closure – 1-3-18

School closing at 1.15 today

Due to the continuing weather conditions the school will be closing at 1.15pm today.

Please arrange to collect your child at this time if possible.  Any problems please contact the school office.

It is possible that we may have to close tomorrow. We will advise as soon as possible.


Ruby Class – Senses Topic – Activities

Super Senses

Ruby class and all of Early Years kicked off our new topic with a look at the Incredibles and their super power senses.

This week we have focused on sight.

We have had blindfold painting, observing bicarbonate and vinegar volcanoes, colour changing filters, rain from a shaving foam cloud and rainbow mixing skittles.

The children have enjoyed observing and participating in these experiments.


NSPCC fund raising – Amethyst and Sapphire

Activities to raise money for NSPCC

Amethyst and Sapphire joined the rest of the school today in sponsored event to raise money for the charity.

They had sponsored running, shooting basketball hoops and goal shooting.

Here are some photos of the children taking part.

Sapphire and Amethyst – Harry Potter

Learning about Harry Potter

Sapphire and Amethyst classes have been reading Harry Potter this term. They have all written their own version of the story changing some of the characters story lines.

This week they had the opportunity to read their stories to each other.

Ruby Class- Forest School

Forest School 9-2-18

Today we all wrapped up warm to visit the dell for a special forest school treat. Mrs Lawes and Mr Taylor had set up the stumps around a fire pit. The children watched as the fire burned and crackled.

They each were able to make a mini pizza from a muffin which was cooked by Mr Taylor in his oven.

Pizzas eaten we moved onto toasting marshmallows and then sandwiched them between biscuits to make a yummy treat.

Despite it being cold I think everyone enjoyed the experience including the adults.

Class News Amber,Garnet and Pearl

Best of British

This term our topic has been based around all things British and the children have been learning about the royal family and the different flags that make up the Union Jack Flag.

Maths work

We have been looking at division and have started to look at weights and capacity.


Amethyst Class news

Spiderwick’s Chronicles

In the autumn we looked at the Spiderwick’s Chronicles and produced our own book. The class produced some wonderful writing backed up with some beautiful watercolour illustrations.

This term the children have been looking at e-safety and added to our

Well being wall display.

This half term we have been reading The Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. Our end piece of work has been based around “What if..Voldermort was good, Harry was a girl etc. ”

The children have produced some very imaginative writing.

Year 4 Emerald Topic work


Year 4 have been producing some lovely work this term around their topic on Eygptians.  You can see their models of the gods which take many different forms.

The above shows some of their written work around the gods.

This week they have been using pictorial mind maps to work through story writing.


Ruby Class week 22nd January

What’s been happening in Ruby Class?

We have been learn about numbers this week. The children have been counting, ordering and matching number 1-10.

We have hid numerals in our recently added sand tray, so the children could dig them up and match them to a printed sheet.

Transport is still an on going theme, we have now completed making a taxi and a police truck to go with our fire engine for our wall display.

In our tuff spot we have diggers and the children can dress up in hard hats for our building site.

The big wooden blocks have been stacked to make a boat. Some of the children have enjoyed singing as they pretend to row.

Forest School

Our weekly visit to the dell was to make a picnic table for the many Elves and Fairies that live there!

The children used natural materials to make plates, food and magic juice.

It was very muddy but the children enjoyed squishing around. (Sorry for the extra washing)