Following recent workshops, staff training and a parents’ information evening please have a read through the following safeguarding facts and the information slides to help you protect your child on the Internet and when playing games. We do all we can in school to ensure that chidlren are using the Internet safely. Please support us in this by making sure your child uses the Internet safely at home and only accesses age appropriate materials.

Do you know what your child is doing on the Internet?

  • There are 7.1 billion people in the world and 7.4 billion phones
  • Minecraft was designed for adults and is not a child’s site
  • Anyone can be playing games on the Internet or through gaming stations and children must be aware of who they are talking to
  • Children should not share any of their personal information with people they do not know
  • Users of Instagram, Facebook, YouTube must be 13 years old – please read the ‘Terms and Conditions’ carefully
  • Moshi Monsters has the highest level of security measures in place
  • Some children’s chat sites still allow for private chats – anyone of any age can access these sites

‘I feel very strongly that this is the most important course I have ever attended at Markyate School. It was thought provoking and eye opening. I would urge all parents to visit the CEOP and thinkuknow websites. You think you know, but you really don’t…’


‘I came back better informed to talk to my children about how we use the internet in our house and how we can all keep safe. To keep our kids safe, all parents should do this training.’

Download our handout:  E-Safety Parents Guide (PDF – 700k) | Visit the Thinkuknow or Kidsmart website.