Year 4- Diamond Class

Welcome to Year 4.

We are following the 2014 National Curriculum and have geared our curriculum to address the raised expectations set. Teaching in Year 4 is skills based through a topic and cross-curricular approach.


For issues that are urgent please send a note in your child’s book bag or telephone the school office. Where possible, please try to avoid speaking about things at the start of the day unless absolutely necessary. I am always willing to meet with parents after school.

Look out for letters and newsletters in your child’s book bag. If you have supplied your email address, most correspondence will be sent to you electronically. You can also find a copy of the current newsletters on the notice board on the playground or can check the school website.

Please make sure that you send a letter in with your child after they return from being absent. This should still be done even if you have telephoned the school office. You should also send a letter to inform us when your child has a medical or dental appointment. If your child has an injury or illness which prevents them from taking part in PE or swimming, please send a letter into school so that we are aware. Also, if your child is being collected by someone else, please let us know.



Children may have different work places for English, Maths and Topic, which will mean that they will be working with different children. They are also put into mixed ability learning partners for carpet work (lesson starters and plenaries). These are changed regularly throughout the year. We encourage ‘peer-assessment’ and the children find this very beneficial.

Our timetable for each day is displayed in the classroom as a visual timetable. We are continuing with Big Writing this year, which includes fun and quick literacy activities/games before the children have an extended writing time of 45 minutes. Throughout the week children will continue to take part in ‘Big Maths’ activities working on times tables, mental maths and general number work .

Spellings will go home on a Thursday to be tested the following Thursday. The children have been set in phonics groups as we continue to improve spelling across the school. The spellings may be ‘easy’ but the focus will be on the phonic rules and letter patterns that will assist them to spell harder words and improve spelling in their general writing.

We have introduced ACT to help support our whole school focus on maths. Twenty minute sessions where children take part in arithmetic, calculation and times tables in order to improve mental maths skills. Please support them at home to learn their times tables and related division facts.

Handwriting also remains high on the agenda with handwriting sessions taking place weekly. In year 4 children may earn the right to receive a ‘Pen licence’ when they can show a consistent level of quality in their handwriting and overall presentation of their work. Maths will always be done in pencil.

Children will have the opportunity to change library books at least once a week. They may not need to change them every week, particularly if they are selecting longer chapter books. However, children should be reading regularly and I will be checking that they are progressing with their books. Some children will have individual reading books from a scheme and will progress through levelled books. Please continue to support your child with this as you read together at home. The library is also open some lunchtimes if children want to change books, or spend some quiet time reading. Let us know if the level of books is appropriate as we are keen to give more independence to children choosing their own reading books this year.

New Curriculum Maths Year 4


Reading Rewards

We expect every child to be reading daily (including to an adult). Please also take the time to discuss the text with your child. Children will get the opportunity to read to an adult in school. Each time they read to an adult at home, and have their reading journal signed, they will receive a stamp. Children should aim to collect as many as they can. They will receive a bronze certificate for 50 stamps, a silver certificate for 100 stamps, a gold certificate for 150 stamps and children will receive a platinum award (and be entered into a draw for a book token) if they receive 200 stamps. Their reading records must be in school every day. Notes and text messages will again be sent home as reminders.



The ‘Curriculum newsletter’ sets out the topics that we are covering during the autumn term. You will also receive them at the start of the spring and summer terms. We are continuing our topic based learning and where possible make cross-curricular links so that the children are able to relate work to other topics.

Maths and English are set out in units and vary in length. English covers narrative, non-fiction, poetry, spelling and grammar. Maths covers number, calculation, measure, shape and other related topics.




Your child will need a PE kit in school. P.E. will be every Monday and Thursday. They should have a t-shirt and shorts but as it gets colder they may want tracksuit bottoms if we are working outside. Children will also need plimsolls or ideally trainers.

All children need a water bottle. Please make sure that they have this in school every day. If your child has lost their bottle, the school is able to sell replacements.

Many children choose to bring in a pencil case. These should be a reasonable size (if they do not fit in their tray they are too big) and must contain at least 1 HB pencil. They are responsible for their own belongings.

Children will need outdoor shoes (or wellies) for work in the dell/outside area. This should be in addition to trainers for PE.



This year, children will continue to have a ‘Home Learning Journal’. Tasks set will be topic based and children will be able to select from a bank of activities. Each grid will run for approximately a term. Each week the children will be set a maths challenge on Mathletics to complete as well as times tables practise, spellings and daily reading. ( can be accessed via the internet or a free Mathletics App can be downloaded for use on mobile devices, children have been given individual logins) They should spend a reasonable amount of time on each task (it works out at about 2 hours a week). They do not need to be stuck to rigidly. Where possible, children should complete the work on their own. If your child does not understand, they must ask. Home Learning Journals need to be in school on a Wednesday so please ensure they go into book bags after each activity session.



Mrs Pole and Mrs Rhodes Diamond Class.



We will continue to use the behaviour chart and work towards earning golden time and team points. I am very keen that we have a positive learning environment this year and that all children have the opportunity to learn without disruption. I hope that we can work closely together so that the children work to their potential. Please do let me know if anything is likely to affect your child or their behaviour in school.

Found on that “prolonged erection” (like really?!) and “pressure problems” can be adverse side effects. Is it possible in any case or just when overusing or overdosing it? What should be done in those cases? Going to use it for first time, want to be ready. Please share if someone had deal with the sides and if they are that bad?

Punctuality + Attendance

It is important that children come into school on time so that lessons are not disturbed.

Holidays are not authorised unless under exceptional circumstances.

Even 95% attendance (half day every 2 weeks) throughout primary school is the equivalent of missing almost a term’s schooling!



In Year 4 we are developing children as independent learners. In order to be awarded their Independence Pin, children must:

  • show self motivation
  • grow their skills and knowledge
  • take pride in all they do.

Once all certifcates are awarded, the children and their families will be invited to celebrate with Mr Armoogum during a showcase assembly.