Year 5 – Emerald & Sapphire Classes

Welcome to Year 5!

I hope that you find the information below helpful and that you get to know a little bit about ‘life in our classroom’.


  • In Year 5 we are following the National Curriculum 2014. As such, we have geared our curriculum to address the raised expectations set. Teaching in Year 5 is skills based through a topic and cross-curricular approach.
  • Our curriculum letter (parent plan) below sets out the topics that we cover during each term. Through our cross-curricular approach, we aim to ‘IGNITE’ the children’s learning with trips, visitors and creative activities to spark their interest, particularly at the start of topics. Some subjects are taught discretely, for example, RE.
  • Maths and English are set out in units and vary in length. In English, narrative, non-fiction and poetry aspects are covered each term. We also have a ‘Take One Book’ focus. In Maths, number (including place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division and fractions), measurement, geometry and statistics are covered.


Classroom organisation

  • There are defined areas in the classroom which are clearly labelled so that the children can select their own resources and develop independence.
  • Children may have different work places for English, maths and topic, which means that they will be working with different children. The child they are seated next to is their Learning Partner and these are changed regularly throughout the term and year.
  • If you feel that you are able to offer any help in class, please do contact me – all support is greatly appreciated.


Year 5 routines

  • Our timetable for each day is displayed in the classroom as a visual timetable.
  • Every day we have a class ‘Check In’ circle at the beginning of the day. We also have a ‘Check Out’ circle before the children go home. Everyone in Year 5 has a ‘voice’ and our class community is very important to us.
  • The day begins with ‘Reflect and Correct’ time which gives all the children the opportunity to respond to marking and work towards their next steps in their learning.
  • Every day we have a 20 minutes FRED (Focused Reading Every Day) session.
  • Big Writing and Exciting Writing take place on a Friday morning. This includes fun and quick literacy activities/games before the children have an extended writing time of 45 minutes. The atmosphere in the classroom changes – the lights are dimmed, classical music is played and everyone writes with a pen – so it is very special.
  • We have introduced ACT to help support our whole school focus on maths. This is a 20 minutes session where children take part in arithmetic, calculation and multiplication/number fact activities in order to improve mental maths skills. During the week the children will work towards becoming a maths Superhero where they work towards their group of Batman, Hawk girl, Thor, Black Widow, Superman, Catwoman, Ironman or Wonderwoman. In addition to this, the class has Big Maths activities (CLIC and Total Recall).
  • Children also work on spelling activities during the week and spelling lists are given ready for weekly tests.
  • PE takes place on Mondays and Thursdays. However, kit should be in school every day.
  • Year 5 has their ‘Welly Day’ on a Tuesday. Children need to have suitable outdoor clothing and footwear.
  • Golden time runs on Friday afternoons.
  • Year 5 also have a weekly French lesson.
  • Children will have the opportunity to change library books at least once a week. They may not wish to change them every week, particularly if they are selecting longer chapter books. However, children should be reading regularly. Some children will have individual reading books from a scheme and will progress through levelled books. Please continue to support your child with this as you read together at home.



  • Miss Jenna Powell Class Teacher
  • Mrs Harrison is our class teaching assistant (TA)


I started having problems with sleep, for about a month I could not sleep for a long time, if I hardly fell asleep, then after waking up at 3-4 o’clock in the morning I did not fall asleep. I decided to go to the doctor, I was recommended this medicine. Ambien refers to drugs with a powerful sedative effect, that is, after taking this medication the nervous system calms down, the excitability of the organism decreases.

  • In Year 5, we use our behaviour chart and work towards earning golden time and team points as well as other rewards. I am very keen that we have a positive learning environment in class and that all children have the opportunity to learn without disruption. Therefore, there is an emphasis on working in Learning Zone 5 throughout the day. Working in partnership with parents is also key to enable our children to work to their potential. Please do let me know if anything is likely to affect your child or their behaviour in school.


Home Learning

  • All children in Year 5 have a ‘Home Learning Journal’. Tasks set are topic based and children are able to select from a bank of activities. Topic grids usually run for a half term. Some tasks will be given to the whole class while some will be differentiated. Children can select their level of challenge. Each week the children will have 3 – 4 pieces to complete as well as daily reading. Where possible, children should complete the work on their own. Your feedback is extremely helpful and would be much appreciated, especially if your child has found something hard. Some tasks will be marked as a class, as it is beneficial for the children to be involved in the progress, and others by me and necessary feedback given. Home Learning Journals need to be in school every Monday so that we can check in with progress and give guidance where needed.



  • Your child will need their PE kit in school every day. They should have a white t-shirt and navy blue shorts for indoor work but as it gets colder they may want navy tracksuit bottoms if we are working outside. Children will also need plimsolls or trainers. Please ensure that all items are named.
  • All children need a book bag and should bring this to school every day. Books and letters should be kept in their book bag and not in their rucksack.
  • Children also need a water bottle. Please make sure that they have this in school every day. All water bottles should be clear. Please do not freeze them.
  • Many children choose to bring in a pencil case.These should be a reasonable size and contain at least 1 black fibred-tipped pen and a pencil.



  • Look out for letters in your child’s book bag. Most correspondence will be sent to you electronically.
  • We ask that you please inform us if your child is being collected by someone different to usual.
  • Please make sure that you send a letter in with your child after they return from being absent. This should still be done even if you have telephoned the school office.
  • You should also send a letter to inform us when your child has a medical or dental appointment.
  • If your child has an injury or illness which prevents them from taking part in PE or Games, please send a letter into school so that we are aware.



  • If you would like any more information, particularly about the new National Curriculm 2014, please do not hestitate to contact us.