Year 6 – Amethyst Class

Year 6 Amethyst

Classroom Organisation 

Children in Year 6 are organised into ability groups for maths, writing and reading. They are encouraged to sit in social groupings for the majority of their learning across the curriculum.  Children are also work given opportunity to work with different learning partners across the curriculum.


In year 6 we approach the majority of the curriculum in a cross curricular way. Maths, Science and Literacy are focused on as our core curriculum which we weave into our topic approach to involve other foundation subjects eg Music, RE ,History, Geography, Design and Technology, Art and ICT.


Big Writing 

Every week the children plan and produce a completed piece of writing within 45 min. This is their BIG Writing session on Friday morning. The children have writing targets set every half term which they will be motivated to achieve.

FRED  Focused Reading Every Day

The day starts with the children being involved in a 20 minute reading activity eg silent reading a book, magazine or newspaper, comprehension tasks or completing  reading activities on line. Meanwhile a target group will be tutored in a guided reading session with their teacher.

The children are organised in appropriate spelling groups and are taught new spelling rules and regularly tested.


New Curriculum Maths Year 6

Every half term children are given maths targets to achieve in progressing through their times-table knowledge; Big Maths Recall in addition, subtraction and multiplication and their “Big Maths Beat That” challenge of mastery of ten different ways to manipulate number.


We have P.E. twice a week; on a Monday and Wednesday, where children will be expected to have the correct kit of a white T-shirt, blue shorts, socks, plimsolls or trainers for indoor and outdoor sessions. 


Year 6 children are expected to read every evening for 20 minutes minimum. They should be able to read the equivalent of a chapter of a fiction book or a section of a non-fiction book and be able to be questioned on the content.

They will be set work from their key stage 2 Study Guides in Literacy, Maths and Science plus research activities to advance their work in the class topic.


Year 6 are expected to lead by example and to set the tone as ambassadors for the school. They have a range or additional responsibilites ranging from play leaders, librarians, house captains to dinner monitors.

School Trip

Every year our Year 6 children take part in a residential trip to Aylmerton in Norfolk where they have an amazing time experiencing team building activities, taking part in field studies, hiking and even driving a boat! We hope all our year 6 will go on the trip and will always support families and pupils to do this.