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Pupil work during closure

This page is dedicated to sharing the work and activities that children in Pearl class have created during the school closure. 

Hello Rowan. Thank you for sending in the photograph of the mini garden you have created. We can really see the effort and the detail in your garden. What a great idea to then map it out too -  brilliant! Well done!

Hello Lilly-Rose. Thank you for sending in the photographs of the fantastic sculptures you have created. It's also lovely that your siblings were able to help you to decorate them - a real family project!. Well done!

Hello Elsie. Thank you for sending in these pictures of the activities you have been doing on the Egyptian Topic. They look amazing! Well done!

Hello Bianca. Thank you for sending in the pictures of the different activities you have been doing. We love this natural art picture, a perfect activity for this lovely weather - well done!

Morning Daisy. Thank you for sending all your lovely work in this week. Your Art was beautifully presented and your reading comprehension and fractions work were both completed very well.  We will all try and read The Ice Monster by David Walliams! Well done!

Hello Olly. Congratulations on receiving the very prestigious Blue Peter badge for your writing about the NHS and the Corona virus. Absolutely wonderful! Well done from everyone here at school.

Hello Phoebe-Rose. Thank you for sending these great pictures of the things you have been up-to to us. What a great sea themed piece of work - we love the items you have chosen to include - it looks brilliant! Well done!

Hello Annie-Rose. Thank you for sending us the pictures of your excellent Flamingo leaflet. We also loved your recipe of the Chocolate Chip Shortbread. Some of the staff will be trying it out this week! Thank you and well done!

Hello Daisy! Thank you for sharing the activities with us. The sorting diagram looks brilliant and we love the observational drawing too -  well done!