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Markyate Village School And Nursery

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Pupil Work

This page is dedicated to sharing the work and activities that children in Sapphire class have been up to during the school closure.

Hello Oscar. Thank you for sending in your descriptive writing. We loved the start of your story -  what has happened to grandad? What will Lucas do next? Do the animals continue to annoy Lucas? So many questions! We look forward to the next installment - well done!  

Hello Amelie. Thank you for sending your Parrot Poem to us. We love the vocabulary you've used and writing the poem in first person gives it real impact. Well done! .

Hello Thalia. Thank you for sending in your pictures to us. Your work looks excellent - the duck artwork has worked really well! Well done!

Hello Matthew. Thank you for sending in your photograph to us. The cake looks amazing - please send us the recipe! Well done!