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Markyate Village School And Nursery

Markyate Village School and Nursery
  1. About Us

About Us

Our Aims

We have three key aims that underpin our approaches to teaching and learning in school. These aims also reflect the school's focus on the personal, social and emotional development of our children which are embedded within the school environment and the every-day workings of the school. The three aims are:

1. To provide a safe, high quality teaching and learning environment that enables all children (and adults) to achieve their full potential.

2. To provide an ambitious curriculum across all subjects that builds knowledge and inspires children so that they become inquisitive, independent learners.

3.  As a school family we grow together, guiding our children to be kind, responsible and respectful individuals who love to learn.


Our Teaching and Learning Principles

 The focus for all teaching and learning is based on 5 key principles.

 1. Clear purpose – well established objectives which inform planning and provide a means of evaluating the effectiveness of teaching.

 2 Every minute matters’ – good pitch and pace throughout lessons which stimulate all pupils and maintain their concentration.

 3 Everybody answers’ – well focused use of questioning to track progress in the lessons, engage (and challenge) the learners and extend their thinking.

 4 Everybody reads’ and ‘Everybody writes’ – to consolidate and evaluate children’s understanding, (support pupil and teacher monitoring) and inform future planning.

 5 ‘Excellence for all’ – differentiated provision which ensures that pupils are stretched and challenged appropriately within the context of their individual learning journey.


Our Golden Rules

We are Listeners

We actively listen to and follow adult instructions at all times.

We positively listen to other people’s opinions and ideas.

We understand that listening is a key skill in our learning.

We are Learners

We are enthusiastic learners who aim high in everything that we do.

We are helpful and always try our best.

We take pride in our school

We are Responsible


We take responsibility for ourselves and our actions

We are honest

We work and play together, making sure everyone feels included

We are Respectful

We respect and consider other people’s views.

We are always polite.

We look after our belongings and our school environment.


Leadership and Responsibilities in School

Each class has a key value that underpins their attitudes to learning:  Nursery – Happiness, Reception – Friendship, Year 1 – Determination, Year 2 – Co-operation, Year 3 – Responsibility, Year 4 – Independence, Year 5 – Perseverance, Year 6 – Successful Achievers.

The children work towards three targets with their class and on receiving their third certificate they are awarded their class pin. There is also a gold school pin awarded to children who show a true understanding of all it means to be a pupil at Markyate Village School and Nursery.

 At the start of the school year, each class elects two School Councillors who will represent the class in School Council meetings, which occur twice per half term. Children put themselves forward to be elected by their peers and prepare a short speech to the class to explain what they will do as a councillor and the skills they will use in developing the school with staff. The election of school councillors is part of the teaching of leadership, democracy and responsibility.

For children in year 6, there are leadership roles that include House Sports Captain, School Prefects and School Ambassadors. These roles require pupils to take an active role in school life, for example by leading clubs, representing the school in external events such as debating groups or providing tours to new parents.


Together, we Aspire, Strive and Achieve.