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Physical Education

Please find below the information for the Physical Education Learning Pathway in our curriculum that has been devised by our teachers for our children. Our Physical Education curriculum is supplemented with a number of resources, including Butterflies Swimming and Get Set 4 PE.

PE Mission Statement

PE Coverage in Markyate Village School

PE Skills and Progression Ladders

PE Long Term Progression Map

PE Curriculum Overview

PE Vocabulary Pyramids

Evidencing the Impact of the Sports Premium 2022-2023

Link to National Curriculum Information for Swimming in Primary School

What does Physical Education look like in our school?

All children in the Early Years have access to a wide range of opportunities for Physical Development.  Children are encouraged to develop their fine and gross motor skills, as well as learning about the importance of practices to enable us to be healthy in body and mind. They have weekly timetabled PE sessions with our resident sports coach, as well as daily access to physical activities both inside and outside, including access to climbing equipment, wheeled toys and sports resources. In addition, EYFS children take part in regular Forest School sessions in our Dell.


Key Stage 1 and 2:

Children from Year 1 upwards receive 2 hours of PE teaching per week.  This consists of one session with our resident sports coach and a further session with our teaching staff. These sessions are a combination of indoor and outdoor lessons, to ensure the children access and achieve the requirements of the National Curriculum. The PE curriculum for each year group is mapped out annually based on the needs of that cohort. All of the children’s physical education learning allows them to plan, develop, perform, evaluate and improve skills in all of these areas.  Within all aspects of learning, we provide children with the opportunities to become physically confident in a way which will help their overall health and fitness. 

We have six SportsCaptains and 4 KS1 Sports Leaders in school and we take part in lots of different sports competitions and events throughout the school year.

What our children say:

‘We have done different sports each half term and built on the skills we already have’

‘The lessons are well organised with Mr Clegg explaining, showing us, then choosing children to model it, then reminding us of the skills and stopping us to see if we are improving.’

‘Mr Clegg makes lessons fun and interesting’

‘We love the tournaments – we have been to a few. I felt so proud when I scored for my school. They are well organised.’

‘We like the sports clubs, we both do the girls sport club and the girl’s football.’

‘We like helping EY with their clubs at lunchtime and teaching them new games and activities.’