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British Values

At Markyate Village School, we promote the British Values of: Democracy, the Rule of Law, Mutual Respect and tolerance of those with different faiths or beliefs. In school, we also have our four Golden Rules - We are Respectful, We are Responsible, We are Listeners, We are Learners. Please find below further information about how all these values form the foundations of our school community, so we can learn well together. 

British Values Events in School

On Monday 18th October, we were very fortunate to welcome a former pupil back to the school to visit us, Lt George Stonelake, who is serving in the British Army and who recently returned from Estonia as part of operation Cabrit.

The assembly was all about Values and Standards and it started with our School Council talking about the values we follow in each of our classes with our Pins. The children talked about why the Pins were important, and the steps they needed to take during the school year in order to achieve their Pin at the end of the summer term. Then it was over to Lt Stonelake, who talked us through the six Values and Standards of the British Army which are: Courage, Discipline, Respect for Others, Integrity, Loyalty and Selfless Commitment.

Lt Stonelake then visited the year 6 children to talk about more about British Values, Democracy and military standards, before visiting each classroom to answer questions from the children. After the sessions, Lt Stonelake was impressed by the children’s questions, including the questions relating to careers for women in the army. Children in Early Years also worked out that Lt Stonelake’s army uniform would help him to be camouflaged in different habitats, including sandy deserts which was very impressive!