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Year 1 – Garnet Class

What has Amber Class been up to this term?


On Tuesday 7th February, year 1 had a Geography day all about the United Kingdom. The children have been learning all about the 4 countries and surrounding seas throughout spring 1 term, so to round up the topic, we ‘visited’ all 4 countries!

The children came to school in Union Jack colours and began by making their own UK flag. In groups, they then visited England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland (they had to swim across the sea to get to Northern Ireland)!

They tasted foods from the country, such as shortbread in Scotland and Mrs Lewis made Bara Brith, a traditional Welsh cake, which the children said was delicious!

They learnt some words in Welsh and danced to traditional music in Northern Ireland. In England, the children made a paper rose and in Scotland, they designed their own family tartan. It was such a lovely ending to a topic that the children have really engaged in and learnt so much. 

Children's Mental Health Week

This year, Children's Mental Health week was the the 6th - 10th February, and the theme was Connecting Us, which was led by the Place2Be Charity. To follow this theme, year 1 wrote postcards to other adults in the school. The children talked about adults that were kind, that helped us and that are loved!

The children all chose their own adult and this ranged from their old teachers in Early Years, to the office staff and even up to year 5 and 6, Mr Woolsey and of course Music Matt!

They wrote very kind messages, saying thank you for all the things people do and drew their kind person pictures to make them happy. We love connecting with other members of staff across the school and they were all thrilled when the children hand delivered the postcards.

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