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Year 1 – Garnet Class

Weekly News 20th May

Year 1 took their science outside today as part of outdoor learning day. The topic is animals in different habitats and todays focus was on minibeasts and microhabitats. 
The children took magnifying glasses into the Dell and surrounding area, searching for different places these creatures live. 
They lifted up logs (very gently so as not to disturb) rummaged in piles of leaves, got close up to plants and flowers and even higher up into trees. All sorts of minibeasts were spotted and the children were so knowledgeable. 
One child identified a stink bug - he knew the name because he said 'it is slightly larger than other similar species. ' Excellent learning - fun and interesting for the whole class.

Weekly News 13th May

As part of Mental Health Week, the children in Garnet Class took part in the 'Time to Talk' session on Friday morning. This session encourages the children (and staff) to take a pause in a busy week and to talk and to listen to one another. We have a cup of squash and a biscuit in the session as we relax and chat to one another about all sorts of things that we might be thinking about and want to share. So grab a cup! 


Weekly News 20th April

Today, Garnet class had a very special visit from our Artist in Residence, Jo Kent. Jo worked with the children to develop their creative ideas and explore colour by designing and making their own ice creams. Here are the pictures of their work:

Weekly News 17th March

This week in Amber class, we have been thinking about all the different animals that live with us on Earth. We have been thinking about their characteristics too.

Weekly News 10th March 

International Women’s day.

On 8th March Garnet class celebrated International Women’s day. We talked about what this means and discussed as a class how life used to be (and still is in some countries) if you were female. The children were all outraged that girls were thought of as ‘not the same’ as boys and didn’t have the same opportunities as males. We role-played being male and female in the days of inequality and we had a bunch of Suffragettes chanting ‘No! No! No!’

We focused on the life of Professor Sarah Gilbert – a scientist who was central to inventing the vaccine for Coronavirus, so very relevant to today’s society. We were thankful that, due to equality, she was able to be educated and is now a world-class scientist.

The class came up with amazing words such as ‘clever, freedom, resilient, powerful women and awesome scientist.’

They each designed a poster around this amazing woman and here are a few for you to enjoy. Garnet class were indeed passionate about this important day!

Summer Term Time Table

Summer Term Topic Overview

Around the World with Garnet Class!

Year one had an amazing day igniting their topic - 'Around the World'.
The children experienced cultures from around the globe, including song, traditions, language, environment and best of all, food! Lots of fun and lots of learning took place and the children are eager to explore more through the term.
The pictures show the children enjoying their day and I'm sure you will agree that the costumes children came in were fantastic. 

Meet the Teacher Presentation September 2021

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