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Markyate Village School And Nursery

Markyate Village School and Nursery
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School Uniform and Ordering

Parents are asked to dress their children in school uniform as follows:


Grey skirt, pinafore dress or tailored, plain trousers [pale blue striped or checked dress for the summer] pale blue polo shirt, school sweatshirt or navy blue cardigan.


Grey tailored trousers [grey tailored shorts for the summer] pale blue polo shirt school, navy v-necked jumper or school fleece. Children in the Early Years Unit may wear navy blue jogging bottoms.

Sunhats are strongly recommended for girls and boys in the warmer months as prolonged exposure to the sun in childhood can result in sun burn.


Black school shoes (without a heel) for boys and girls in all year groups. Trainers cannot be worn as a school shoe.

PE Kit:

Over the last 18 months, the school's approach to PE kit has changed. Children are now required to come to school in their PE kit, rather than their school uniform, on the day they have a PE lesson. Children are required to wear a t-shirt in the colour of their house, e.g. Maple is Red. They can wear plain navy shorts or plain navy track suit trousers, and a plain navy track suit top.

All Nursery, Reception and KS1 children require black plimsolls for PE and occasionally for indoor wear in wet and muddy weathers. KS2 children do not require black plimsolls in school. Children need to have a pair of trainers in order to participate in outdoor PE.

School sweatshirts, fleeces and polo shirts can be purchased direct from:


Please name all your child’s clothing and possessions clearly – they are easily lost and all look the same!

School Bag:

We encourage all children to have a blue reading book bag with the school logo on the front in which to keep their homework and reading books. These cost £4.50 and can be bought from school. School bags are not required in school until Year 5 & Year 6.

Jewellery and Long hair:

Jewellery is not permitted in school unless for religious or medical reasons as it causes a health and safety risk. Please see Mrs Johnson if your child needs to wear any jewellery. If earrings are worn they must be small studs and not dangling or hoops. They must be removed or covered for PE. All long hair [reaching shoulders] must be tied back appropriately and hair must be kept off faces wherever possible as it can be a barrier to reading and learning in class. Coloured, dyed hair is not allowed in school.

How to order:

Please see attached flyer giving details of how to order school uniform