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At Markyate Village School, we believe that the teaching of reading is integral to a child’s understanding and appreciation of the world around them; a platform that allows our children to see beyond what they know, share in cultural experiences and develop the vocabulary they need to effectively express themselves. Our reading curriculum strives to foster a lifelong love of reading.

What does Reading Look Like in our School ?                                                              During the spring term, we installed a Geo-Dome in the quad area, which will be a Reading Dome for the children in years 1- 4. This will provide an additional special area for children to read. The dome has been used for small group reading; for the Bark and Read groups with Pixie the Listening dog and for the weekly Reading lunchtime club, which is led by our Year 6 Librarians.

World Book Day March 2023

To celebrate World Book Day, we all dressed up as our favourite book characters.  The children's drama company, West End In Schools, also visited school to provide a whole day of drama workshops for the children, based on a range of books. The drama workshops help the children think about the structure of stories, settings and the layers of characters, which in turn helps the children to plan and write their own stories.

Year 6 children joined Early Years to share a book, and we joined the national competition to design the official World Book Day voucher. Please see Google Classroom for more information on this exciting competition for the children. You can also get involved in a wide range of exciting reading activities. I would recommend the World Book Day website and their share a story corner that includes videos and activities for families to take part in which are fun and help develop the all important reading for pleasure from an early age (although it’s never too late to develop a love of reading)! Here’s the website link: 


Key Stage 1 Book Club

On Wednesday’s, after school has finished, our Key Stage 1 library comes alive again with children reading and enjoying the books that are stored on the shelves in there. The children are there as part of our Key Stage 1 Book Club, which has proved very popular with the children throughout the term. The sessions are led by Mrs Mason, who is a parent and school governor, and the latest book she has been looking at and reading with the children is titled, Blob.  The children have been talking about their favourite bit of the story and they have drawn pictures about what they think might happen next. 

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