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School Council

School Council continues to play an important part in the running of Markyate Village school. It is made up of two representatives from each year group and the School Council meets regularly to discuss important issues. These may include school lunches, behaviour or ideas for fundraising events.

The School Council add another platform for listening to our community. Our pupils write a letter of application to be a member of the School Council and are then voted in by their peers. All members are passionate about making our community the best that it can be. The views of our children are important to us and the School Council members are able to collect the ideas and information from their classes to share with each other and the leaders in school. They are strongly encouraged to bring solutions with them when issues have been raised by their classmates.School Council members are also our eyes and ears – they promote the issues that are most relevant to our pupils at the time. They are also passionate about listening to children and can even be found conducting questionnaires on the playground and in the dining room!

Members of the School Council will be responsible for carrying out the ideas that have been agreed, such as planning discos, writing newspaper articles, or meeting with catering staff and of course interviewing new members of staff! It enables children to get their voice heard and contribute to the discussion making process along with staff. 

How to make a good School Council


1 teaspoon of cheerfulness

1 cup of helpfulness

A sprinkle of kindness

1 jug of tactfulness

2 pinches of understanding

A few drops of thoughtfulness

1 tablespoon of fairness

A dash of responsibility


  • Grab an empty school [to act as the pot]
  • Boil a teaspoon of cheerfulness with a handful of happiness to create kindness
  • Mix in a cup or two of helpfulness so that we encourage teamwork
  • Blend in 2 pinches of understanding because we want everyone to be part of the group
  • Drop in a tablespoon of fairness otherwise people won’t feel important
  • Stir in a jug of tactfulness but don’t forget the truthfulness
  • Throw in a dash of responsibility
  • Finally, add a few drops of thoughtfulness.

That’s how you get a happy school!


Leadership Roles

Our pupil leadership roles are very important to us at Markyate Village School. Our School Council representatives are fully involved in school life and lead or take part in many school events.

Below is our calendar of events for our pupil leaders.