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Please find below the information for the Computing Learning Pathway in our curriculum that has been devised by our teachers for our children. Our Computing curriculum is supplemented with a number of resources, including STEM and Teach Compute.

Curriculum Planning Intent

KS1 Curriculum Map

KS2 Curriculum Map

National Curriculum Coverage Information

National Curriculum Principles

National Centre for Computing Education Pedagagy Information 

Computing Vocabulary KS1

Computing Vocabulary KS2

What does Computing look like in our school?

We use programmes within our Computing Curriculum that enable our children to develop their imagination and ideas as well as their knowledge and skills of computing. For example, in early Years, the children learn about taking photographs and talking about what they can see. In years 1 and 2, the children start are introduced to programming animation and digital photography, using small sized tablets that are easy to hold and manipulate. In the spring term, the Year 2 children combine their computing skills with music using the Chrome Music Lab's Song Maker Software. The children create short musical arrangements that reflect the movement of animals. For example the slow lazy sounds of a sloth, or the quick, low beats to interpret the hunting and prowling movements of a lion! Here are some of the children's  recordings.

The i-create package we use in the spring term in Key Stage 2, enables our children to use computer technology to create different types of media. In Year 3 children, the children create their own stop-motion animations. In Year 4, the children build on their learning to create story boards for more detailed sequenced animations. Children in Year 5 use tablets to create 2-D animated short films that link to their skills in story-telling. In Year 6, children learn how to edit short films, and use GIF and 3-D art to create their own Cinemagraph.

Computing is also linked to other areas of our curriculum. Our KS2 hold zoom meetings with scientists as part of the STEM programme, and meet and review books with authors using zoom and Microsoft Teams. The photograph below shows our Active Travel Ambassadors having a Microsoft Teams Meeting with Mr Lai, the Local Authority Sustainable Travel Officer, to update him on the work they have carried out so far as well as their plans for the spring and summer terms.

E-Safety Newsletters

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