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Markyate Village School And Nursery

Markyate Village School and Nursery
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  3. Proposed changes to school PAN

Proposed changes to the school PAN

The PAN (Published Admission Number) is the number of children who can enter the school in the Reception Year and then move through the school until the end of Year 6. The current PAN at Markyate Village School and Nursery is 45.

The Head Teacher and School Governors have reviewed the PAN and sent a proposal to Hertfordshire County Council (HCC) requesting that the PAN should be reduced to 30 which would change the school profile to one form entry. This change would help the school to manage class sizes, staffing and budgets more efficiently. If approved, the change would come into effect in September 2022.

The proposed change needs to go through several stages of consultation with a range of stakeholders including local authority departments, neighbouring schools, parents and the local community.

Hertfordshire County Council have issued the following information to parents and the local community.